My Favorite Ways To Play With High Energy Cats

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As your resident cat lady lifestyle blogger, you know I'm big on making sure my cats get the love and play they need to stay happy and healthy! My cats are so incredibly sweet, but they also require A LOT of attention and are constantly on me to either play, pet, or just be near them. They always have so much energy and I can only keep up for so long! I spend a pretty penny on their prescription food, so when I found budget friendly options for play from Walmart I was ecstatic! I'm always looking for new ways to get their energy out, and toys are always the #1! Henry and Nina have such different personalities, so naturally they both like different toys and treats, thankfully there are plenty of options to choose from!

Nina often has boundless energy, and almost any toy with catnip will spark her interest. Her absolute favorites are the catnip banana and her rainbow wand! She'll toss the banana around the room for an hour without me even helping her play, she's absolutely obsessed! I'm always a little sad walking down the toy aisles seeing a million things for dogs and only a few cat options, so I was incredibly impressed that Walmart has SO many pet toy options, especially for cats! When Nina tires of her smaller catnip toys she'll meow for me to join her for a little wand time. She's a sucker for a string toy and it's always fun watching her run and flip around the room trying to catch the rainbow! And if she's done with play all together? She gets a little treat! 😄 

Henry's a little more particular with his play time. Although he does love a wand toy, he much more prefers to be left alone with a larger catnip toy of his choice. Even better if it moves by itself! He and Nina both enjoyed this moving pickle toy so much that I had to buy one for each of them. If one of them isn't playing with it, they're sitting right next to it. I swear this toy has been such a hit for them, they also have a shark and a shrimp too if pickles aren't your vibe. Henry also isn't a fan of treats, which is a good thing since the prescription food is mostly for him, so he gets a little bit of a different after play "treat" than Nina...a brushing. It might sound like a punishment if you don't know my boy! Henry absolutely loves a good brushing, especially in the summer when his coat is thick and long! This dual action brush set is perfect for getting through his long fur and also massaging him while I brush. He purrs the whole time and sometimes continues to play as I brush! 

What are your favorite ways to treat your pets? Especially ones with high energy?

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