Black Friday Deals For Days

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  *This post is sponsored by Walmart. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Classic Brunette!Play Station 5 | XL Multi-Level Air Fryer | Waterproof Portable Speaker | Airpod Pros | Home Theatre Projector w/ Fold Up Screen | Roku Streaming | Wireless Charging Pad | Pink Mini Fridge | Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead |

There are SO MANY great Black Friday deals happening, especially at Walmart! But I wanted to put the focus more on practical items this year. As much as I love my beauty goodies, new clothes, and honestly shopping for everything, it's important for me to put my money on the things I actually need. Tech is at the front of that list, for two reasons! 1) This is best time of the year to make bigger purchases, especially tech ones. 2) These are the things I actually need! And I'm willing to bet that these items are on a lot of wish lists lately!

A few of my picks are things I already own and love using, and they're perfect for picking up for yourself or spreading joy and giving them as a present. My number one used kitchen gadget (because I'm the opposite of a chef, haha) is my air fryer and I swear it's saved me from a number of not so appetizing looking leftovers. This one is extra large and comes with multiple shelves for cooking! And if you don't have a Roku streaming device already I'm not sure how you're surviving life right now! I have Roku built into my tv and it has made my streaming incredibly easy. The device is only $15 this Black Friday, so it's the perfect time to pick it up. 

Outside of my go-to's I also found some items for my own wishlist. I've been searching for a great  speaker, and I found two! One is built right into your shower head for easy listening while you shower which is perfect for those of you like me who love to play music while in the bathroom. The other is a more traditional portable speaker that's perfect for beach trips, holiday get-togethers, and more, plus it's waterproof! Another thing on my wish list is a home theater projector, and this one is under $50 and comes with a screen so you don't have to buy it separately. I've been searching for one that's hassle free and a great price, and this one is just that. 

I'm excited to continue to shop these Black Friday deals, what are you picking up during the sale? All these deals are online now and available in store 11/26. 

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