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Calling all glitter lovers! I bought Colourpop's Feeling Euphoric mini glitter gel vault a few weeks back and have fallen in love with using glitter in my makeup again. These little glitter pots are technically body glitter, but I've used the brand's glitter gels for eye looks in the past, just be careful not to get the glitter in your eye and you're good! They make for the perfect extra sparkle, and I love that they came in a variety of shapes and colors. Although the vault is out of stock (hoping it comes back for the holidays!) there are plenty of the individual glitter gels still available. I thought a review and swatches would still be useful to those of you interested in this kind of product anyhow. I'll be sharing a swatch of each glitter below as well as a brief description/review! Let me know which one ends up being your favorite of the 12 💖

Keep It Plutonic

I put this glitter gel first as it's consistency was a bit different than the others. It's thicker and more dense in comparison as well as having finer glitter. Keep It Plutonic is an opal shade with gold duochrome glitter. It spread super easily although two coats was needed to get this swatch! 

Disco Lady

Lots of colors in Disco Lady! This glitter gel is another opal base, however less opaque than the first shade. I found this one had a lot of chunkier holographic pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples with smaller multicolor glitters underneath. Spread easy and got this swatch with one swipe!

Mint Condition

I'm going to be honest, I can't tell the difference in person between Mint Condition and Disco Lady. In the photo this one seems to have some shades of green/blue/mint, however in person they're nearly identical. Would have preferred they added another fun color instead of another opal base. If you're stuck between the two, I would go with this one for the range of colors. 

Ur a Firework

LOVE the holographic stars in this glitter gel! Ur a Firework was the hardest to get a nice swatch from (I chose to show what you would get with one swipe instead of building it a bit like I did with Keep It Plutonic) This slightly teal tinted gel base has silver stars and rainbow holographic glitter. Despite the need to build it a little, this is one of my favorites from the vault! Luckily you can purchase this one individually too. 

Glam Rock

Another opal base, this time gold tinted. Glam Rock has gold, copper, and blue duochrome glitters that overall give a golden shine in the light. Again, this one didn't feel like anything special after the other opal shades. I did like the duochrome effect though!

Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic is such a pretty shade of purple-copper with holographic pink heart glitter. I wish the hearts were more abundant, but I'll take what I can get! The best part of this glitter gel is the unique color, it's a golden copper that in the light catches both purple and blue. 

Bring The Heat

A slightly tweaked version of traditional gold glitter gel, Bring the Heat catches blue in certain lights. It's the perfect holographic glittery gold that you'll be reaching for time and time again because it goes with so many looks! 

Avenue Of The Stars

Avenue Of The Stars is just SO PRETTY. I understand why this one comes separately as I'll be using this one all the time, it's seriously stunning. Described as a bright fuchsia with silver and bronze holographic glitter, this gel is insane. I would say the initial appearance is pink, however once applied it's more copper tinted on the skin. I absolutely love the color of this glitter, it would be perfect as the highlight for a makeup look or just regular body glitter if you're looking to make more of a statement. 

En Vogue

More of what you would expect an orange glitter gel to look like! This tangerine gel has rainbow holographic glitters and makes me think of summer. It's bright but in a gentle way where you could get away with wearing it during the daytime and not look overdone. It's fun and flirty and exactly what I bought these glitter gels for!

Candy Coated

I was pretty excited for Candy Coated when I saw it! It's a light pink with holographic pink, teal, and violet glitters. In all honesty, it looks like Disco Lady again this time wearing a pink base haha. As much as I wanted to love this one, it felt too repetitive with the other two. That said, I prefer this one because of the pink base! Did it need to be included though? Probably not.

Make It Rain

Make It Rain, however, was the pink I wanted!! A brighter, darker pink base with rainbow glitter. It's the perfect pop of color without being overwhelming. The hot pink gel makes for a nicer base for the rainbow to reflect on, it made the glitter really stand out! This was also one of my favorite shades. 

Feel Good

Feel Good was such an interesting shade! I would have called it Fire and Ice because of the shift from oranges and reds to blues. It looks like an opalescent purple at first, but once swatched it's got a crazy duochrome effect! 

Would you ever use glitter gels in your makeup routine? They're almost like a little flashback into my childhood 90's glitter obsession, so personally I'm glad these are on trend! For me, glitter will always be a fun way to accessorize. If you would wear these, which would you try first?
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