The Perfect Fall Look

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You already know how excited I am that we're moving from summer into fall. I say it every year, fall and winter are my favorite seasons, and the fashion is only partially why! I'm a sucker for comfort, and for me in the fall that means sweaters and loose fits that still give me shape. But I'm also trying to branch out from living solely in my oversized sweaters! This year I realized I can easily switch up my look by picking fun outer layers that work with numerous pieces. Walmart Fashion made it so easy to find great outerwear for an amazing price that was also super cute. I couldn't believe how many different jacket/coat options they have this year!

Black Quilted Jacket | Alternative Zip Up Version (also comes in pink!) | Crossbody (out of stock in brown, but available in a bunch of colors!)

I chose two completely different jackets for this look to show how it can easily be paired with patterns or solids. The plaid wrap coat is on the heavier side and is perfect for colder days! I can't resist a good plaid pattern, and with it being all neutral colors, it makes it even easier to mix and match items to wear with it. I'm also a sucker for a wrap/tie since it's perfect for accentuating your waist, another hard thing to do when wearing a bunch of layers!

The black quilted jacket is another option if you're not really into patterns. I shopped in person and grabbed it for myself (my sister almost picked it up for herself too!) but unfortunately the button version is only available for pickup. Don't worry though, the zip up version is available and actually comes in more colors than the button close. This jacket is much lighter, but still provides a good amount of warmth and comfort. Either of these picks would be great for completing your cold weather looks!

Which option would you pick?
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