The Ultimate Summer Uniform

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When I lived in Orange County during college I could easily wear sweaters and jeans during the summer and hardly break a sweat, but now I swear anything over 80 degrees makes me feel like I'm overheating! Am I dramatic? Yes. Do I absolutely LOVE my air conditioning? Yes. Is it still true? 100% yes, haha. I spent so much time outdoors and being active this past week on my SoCal trip that it made me realize it's time for me to give my summer staples an overhaul. I can't get away with my cozy sweaters in the summer anymore! Thankfully Walmart Fashion is all about those closet basics that are perfect all summer long and even better for layering in the other seasons 😉.

I've always been a fan of chain style jewelry, and now that it's trendy again I'm about to be wearing it all the time! I'm ordering these hoops for sure to match my existing pieces. I love that Gen Z (which I'm halfway affiliated to as a "Zellenial" haha) is inspiring fashion to be a bit more eclectic in our fashion choices these days. I feel like they're allowing everyone to somehow elevate classic styles (like the chain trend) into more statement pieces. For example I loved that I can match the more classic hoops with this trendier crossbody! There's seriously something so amazing about making trends available to every kind of personal style! 

For the rest of your outfit, go with whatever you're most comfortable in this summer. I was living in my tanks and straight jeans! This outfit make me feel so cute while remaining the perfect temperature while running around in the daytime. At night just toss on a jacket and booties and you're ready to go!

What's your go to summer outfit?

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