Spring Finds With Walmart

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Spring has finally come to California and I'm so excited to break out the mini dresses, sandals and all the bright colors! Speaking of bright colors, you all know I'm obsessed with anything pink and that includes these strappy sandals. 😍To go along with it Walmart Fashion has a bunch of cute spring dresses, you can check out my top three above! I specifically chose a few white dresses because they're perfect to pair with colorful accessories. They're the perfect fashion canvas for spring and summer! 

Outside of my wardrobe I've also been tackling new ways to decorate my new place! I don't need to purchase too much since I'll be downsizing in a few months, but I do love adding fun touches for each season. Wherever I live I always have fake flowers (easier to take care of than real ones! haha) and although this bouquet was in the bridal section, it makes the perfect spring accent for your home! Even though I prefer real flowers, they aren't practical for me to always buy. Plus they're great if you have guests who have allergies! I purchased an antique bar cart a few months back and have been waiting to organize it until I got settled, and stumbled upon this beautiful bar cart that is VERY similar to what I have! It's actually better since it has built in bottle holders!

 Now that I have the interior of the house almost set up I've been dreaming about what I want to do with my patio. I saw one of these egg chairs on a neighbor's porch and this Walmart Home one actually looks even better than theirs, haha! I also love that this chair has ample room to cozy up into, perfect for reading a book or just people watching with an iced coffee. 

Which of these are your favorite for spring?
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