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Can you believe that I haven't owned anything from Colourpop before now? They're so affordable and are stellar quality, I really am surprised it took my sister buying these as Christmas presents for me to try the brand! All I know now is that it will be one I now look out for, and you'll see why when I explain how much I am loving these two vault collections. The Essentially Yours Lippie Stix and Colour Me Obsessed Eyeliner vaults are so fun, colorful, and are perfect for creating a variety of looks. Let's dive in and see how these beauties work!

Now I'm the kind of person who likes both surprises and knowing what I'm getting for Christmas, so these gifts were actually ones I picked out for my sister knowing I would use them. Although I haven't been using makeup much these past few months (I mean I've been inside 90% of the time with just my cats, haha) I still wear it occasionally and love testing out new looks for when the world opens back up. I saw these two vaults when they went on sale for Black Friday and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a new brand, then promptly sent the links to my sister haha. I decided one thing more practical, the lippies, and then one more fun, the colorful liners. 

I was pleasantly surprised by all these lippie stix shades! I wasn't sure that all of them would look flattering on me, but felt that the majority would so I took the chance. There are 19 shades (including the clear primer) and I only felt meh about two of them on me, but that's only because I feel I look better in pinks than browns. Otherwise I really loved the quality and variety of colors and finishes of each of these lipsticks. One fault though was that one of the shades (bichette) came defective so I couldn't swatch it. Currently waiting for Colourpop to respond to my email where they can hopefully replace it!

I kept the swatches on my arm for a while to test the longevity of the lipsticks, and while the creme and satin finish shades had some minor smudging there was otherwise no transfer or loss of color. The only thing that took these babies off was a bit of scrubbing of a makeup wipe. 

Now to the shining star of this post: the Colour Me Obsessed Eyeliner vault. When I laid eyes on these beautiful colors I knew they had to be mine. I don't typically stray from my comfort zone with eyeliner (brown and black), but something about these called to me. I haven't gotten the chance to try out a look with any of these, but I'm excited to see what I can come up with! Only problem is where to start. You can comment here or on my Insta post about which color you would most like to see first. I'm thinking maybe orange...

Again I was very surprised by the quality of these! The colors are super pigmented and they are very creamy against your skin. The only two that were sub-par were the dark red and deep maroon which seemed a bit drier in formula compared to the other colors. The dark red in particular was pretty crumbly, so if you don't have a light hand these might not be for you. 

Are you a fan of Colourpop? After these products I can definitely say that I am!

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  1. These are so cute! I definitely want to check out some of those fun eyeliner colors!!

    xoxo A


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