Black Friday Purchases

by The Classic Brunette, 12:00:00 AM

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 Blue Cardigan | Champagne Shimmer Cami | Basic Double V Tank | Pink Sweater | Sequin Tanks | Rhinestone Booties | Gold Link Ring | Glitter Lip Set |

I took a poll on Instagram a few days back to see if y'all wanted to see my Black Friday purchases or New Years Eve outfit inspiration and it was SO close! Only one vote swayed the decision for today's post. I was about to write both posts up after I realized the things I bought during the sales totally fit under the glitzy vibe of new years! I guess I just naturally have a love for sequins and sparkle because I didn't have new years in mind when buying these haha. So I think those of you who voted for the glamorous and glittery outfit inspo should be satisfied! 

Betsey Johnson Booties 
 Lets start off with these beauties! 😍The moment I saw these I knew I had to have them. I saw these in early November at DSW and hoped that they would stay in stock in my size, but unfortunately they sold out. So I searched hard (apparently 9 is very popular size in the sparkly boot fan club) and eventually found the last pair in my size at Belk. For everyone else, as of Dec 20th Zappos has all sizes! These are super cute and have so much more sparkle in person. They are hands down the most stunning shoes I own and are well worth the price. A few sparkles did come off during shipping, but I did imagine that a boot covered in rhinestones would probably have a few malfunctions. Of course they know that too! So they add a little baggy of rhinestones in case you lose a few.

Blue Cardigan

After splurging on the booties I knew I wanted to spend the majority of my money on what I actually needed - a restock of new tanks and camis. Loft is my go-to for most basics, but surprisingly I haven't tried their version of a basic tank. It's actually amazing! My favorite before was actually from Costco, but they stopped selling them. So I gave these a shot and I actually like them better than the Costco ones! Apart from the basics I wanted some variety of nicer tanks for going out (post all the 2020 chaos) and got both colors of this sequin top. Pink is a neutral in my book so that was an automatic add to cart and then so was the black! Both are beautiful and pair well with almost everything in my closet. I also spied another glam tank and got that too! Then my eye wandered to the sweater section and I found a baby blue cardigan and pink sweater that I couldn't resist. The sale made everything cheap enough to warrant a purchase, and I actually needed the majority of these!

Gold Chain Ring
I saw this ring on Instagram and thought it was pretty, and since I was already on the search for a thumb ring I thought it was fate. It's adjustable so although I choose to wear it on my thumb you can wear it on any finger! I've worn it for hours and no green thumbs, and it is just as gorgeous in person as it is on the website. Plus with it being on sale it was a no brainer! And finally I got this glitter lip kit that I saw on TikTok, haha. I purchased three shades, but only one has made it to me so far. I think I might do a review of all three when they get here. 

For those of you who wanted New Years Eve inspiration was this an acceptable post for you? I hope so! Either way I hope you enjoy and by the way, most of these are still on sale! Happy holidays!
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