Self Care Gift Guide Under $50

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 I think we can all agree that we deserve a little self love (and love in general) after this last month! No matter what political views you have, this election was stressful, thanksgiving might not have been as "normal," so it's the perfect time to indulge in something that makes you feel calm and/or extra happy. Christmas is right around the corner so if you don't feel like picking something out for yourself, you can snag a gift for a friend! From skincare to comfy clothes and everything in between, there's always a way to add a little extra comfort and take away stress. You deserve to enjoy yourself, even if the world is a little crazy. 

What's better than putting on a cozy pair of slippers or warm booties in the morning? My apartment here in California is all hardwood, so I like to use an easy and comfortable pair of slippers to keep my feet from getting dirty/dusty between sweeping. If you run on the colder side the sherpa booties will be a great alternate for slippers. I didn't use to be a shoes indoors kind of girl, but without carpet I realize just how much my feet track things around! 

I have a pair of these and have mentioned them on Insta before! Since I'm in front of my computer and phone day and night it's been important for me to wear my blue light glasses as often as I can. I only have one pair, but this link if for a set of 3. Perfect to keep in different rooms if you use multiple spaces or if you wanted to keep a pair for yourself then give the other two as gifts. Since using these glasses the past few months I can definitely say it's had a positive impact on my sleeping habits!

Exfoliation is super important for keeping your skin healthy, and I find that it's most relaxing to do while in the bath. To make things even easier I use an exfoliating body glove! Like everyone else on the planet I also love a good bath bomb, but when exfoliating I prefer something soothing and mild like this coconut bath soak. Neither of these your thing? A classic bubble bath always hits the spot too. 

If your form of self care is a nice glass of wine or a fruity cocktail, this cute wine rack is the perfect way to store your goods! I'm not much of a wine drinker myself, but I do like to have something available when friends come over (pre and post pandemic!). For those of you who are regular wine drinkers, this rack will be the perfect addition to your home. 

This is one of my favorite perfumes! The full size a little pricey, but this travel spray isn't too bad at only $29. One of the ways I like to practice self care is by making sure I feel, look, and smell good, so a nice perfume is absolutely necessary!

A fabulous skincare brand that has been in my beauty rotation for years! This set has all their "must-haves" including my favorite charcoal mask! Although I haven't tried a few of the products, I've never used something from Origins that I haven't loved. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite product in this set!

How do you like to practice self care?
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