Mask Etiquette During The Pandemic

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I thought I would talk about something that's relevant to all of us for this week's blog post. Unfortunately the pandemic here in the US isn't calming down and I've been noticing so many people clearly not following procedures or just not knowing how to be courteous during this time. I'm not perfect and occasionally forget the 6ft rule or I will run into someone while taking out the trash and I forgot to bring a mask, so I wanted to write about how to politely interact with others during this time. I know there are various views on wearing masks, but wearing a mask is a nationwide protocol and I (and the science) believe it will help to limit your risk of infection.

As simple as it may seem, this first thing is to just wear your mask. Over your mouth and nose! It's basically useless if you aren't covering both, so please make sure your mask is tight and big enough to cover those. And another simple rule, don't remove your mask at any time while within 6 ft of people. I've seen so many people at grocery stores take off their masks when speaking to cashiers. Normally this happens when they say something, the cashier asks them to repeat and then the customer takes off their mask. Just repeat yourself a little louder and clearer. There is no need to take off your mask and you risk spreading germs or getting them yourself. So basically if you see someone, keep your mask on! 

There are times where it's okay to be mask free while outside, but only when the circumstances are right! I've been on walks with my sister (who I know is only seeing myself outside of her boyfriend that she lives with) where we are alone outside and walk without our masks. Our neighborhood stays pretty empty, so there's no need to wear the masks because we can't contaminate anyone! If someone else happens to be outside we whip out our masks and put them on as we get closer to them and cross the street to get further distance. The best way to be prepared is to always have a mask on hand. Keep one in your car, in your jacket pocket, your purse, etc. 

Another thing is to be mindful of the 6ft rule. As I said I still forget to do this at times because it's normal to want to be near each other! But I've just had to remind myself that by staying further away it means I care about the other person's health. That being said, you can obviously be near the people you are living with and a few select people if necessary (like for me that is my sister to maintain my sanity). There will probably be times where you are in a store and can't help but pass by someone, but just try your best! The place I forget the most is ironically the checkout lines at stores. They have the stickers, but by force of habit I start to get close to the person in front of me before reality kicks in. Again, just try to stay as aware as you can!

This is such a strange time that we're living with and I know wearing a mask can be uncomfortable and annoying at times, but the more we wear them the quicker things will get back to normal! Stay safe friends!
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