Halloween Activities For 2020

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Halloween is my second favorite holiday and just because we have to abide by some new guidelines doesn't mean I'll be skipping out on all the fun activities! It just means I'll have to change things up a bit. You can still do almost ALL your favorite fall and spooky themed things, it just might take a little more prep and planning than other years. Social distanced events are a bit of a bummer, but they can also still be a ton of fun! I'm sharing my favorite ways to celebrate spooky season this year while still making sure you can keep yourself and others safe. 

Most of these are your traditional activities with a little spin on them, but there are plenty of things to keep yourself entertained while celebrating Halloween! I know there are a ton of opinions floating around about what is and isn't safe to do this year, but for the sake of this post just assume that you will be social distancing and wearing a mask for these events so I don't have to mention it a million times throughout, haha. 

Watch Something Spooky

The most obvious way to celebrate the season, watch something that gets you in the mood! There are a number of classics I like to watch during the month of October, but my favorites include Hocus Pocus, The Haunted Mansion, Practical Magic and all my favorite childhood halloween specials (anyone else obsessed with the Boy Meets World halloween episode??). This year I also started watching scary shows to get some more variety. I had heard great things about Netflix's Haunting of Hill House and it was a great way to get into the spooky mindset! A few other shows I've added to my watch list are Unsolved Mysteries, Cold Case, and basically any of the true crime documentaries. No matter the level of scary you're comfortable with there's something out there for you!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

The best part of fall for me is visiting the pumpkin patches and picking out my perfect pumpkins for my place. Luckily this is still an option this year! Since most pumpkin patches are outdoors this is super easy to do, just put your mask on and head out. I haven't actually carved a pumpkin in years, but after taking a trip to the pumpkin patch you could have an outdoor carving session with friends and family to add to the fun. 

Drive In Movie

One of the better things about quarantine is it brought drive ins back! At least some of them, haha. Look up one near you and plan a night to go with your significant other, friends, or family. Pack some cozy blankets, fun snacks and enjoy! Even better if the movie is Halloween themed.

Decorate Cookies

This activity isn't just for Christmas! My local grocery store offers cookie decorating kits for pretty cheap and the shapes are perfect for Halloween:ghosts, haunted houses, pumpkin, etc. If your store doesn't sell the kits, don't worry. It's so easy to create your own! Bake a simple sugar cookie recipe use some fun cookie cutter shapes, frosting, and you're good to go!

Halloween Crafting

I'm a crafty girl, but especially so these past few months! I'm in the process of making a Halloween wreath (I would be done, but the base took SO LONG to make!) and it's been a fun way to break up the monotony of quarantine life. I've also painted a few dollar store skulls and pumpkins to fit my decor vibe which is a super easy craft! A few other ideas include: make a fall/halloween garland, paint pumpkins, embroider something spooky, paint some mason jars to look like spell jars or creepy ingredients. 

Modified Trick Or Treating

Trick or treat is very tricky this year and I think it is possible! I've seen a few videos with streets doing drive by trick or treating where the homeowners are slowly tossing candy into cars via small nets and it actually looks like a ton of fun! All the kids and adults in the videos were smiling and laughing and dressed up, I would totally do that! As long as everyone is keeping a distance and masks are on I don't see the harm. Another way is to separately bag up candy and place it on your doorstep for trick or treaters. This way kids aren't reaching into one bucket and can still have a similar experience to the regular thing, just a little more controlled. Yes kids are likely to take a few bags, but hey they're kids. And lastly if you just want to keep to yourself on halloween (I don't blame you!) you can just bag up some candy for your immediate neighbors and leave a little note. :)

Carve A Pumpkin

A classic and something that can be done outdoors while social distancing! You really don't have to change much for this activity besides keeping your distance. 

Decorate Your Place

I've had my place decorated since about September 1st, but I know some people who don't decorate until now! HomeGoods is my favorite place to shop for seasonal decor, and that's where most of the items in this photo are from. Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things, and Halloween is no different! Once my house is done I can't wait to go all out with outdoor decor too. If Halloween isn't your thing, decorate for fall or Thanksgiving!

Go Ghost Hunting

A bit untraditional, but honestly so fun! Even if you aren't a believer in ghosts it can be a great time hanging out with some friends and laughing over possibly hearing something spooky. If you're brave you can go to an old graveyard (just remember to be respectful!) a known haunted location, or even use a ouija board. Don't know a place or would rather not be on your own? Check out a local ghost tour near you, a lot of towns have them! Or you can just turn out all your lights, light some candles and watch ghost hunters, haha. 

Dress Up In Costume

I don't currently have plans for the actual day of Halloween, but I do have a costume that I plan on wearing! I'm dressing up because I think it's fun and why wouldn't I? I can look good, face time some friends, watch some halloween movies, or even go pick up takeout in costume. If it makes you happy to dress up, then do it!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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