How I Organize My Makeup

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So I posted a photo of my beauty setup on Instagram and to my surprise it got a lot of engagement, even after not really being active for a long time! A few of you asked where I got my organization items, and I figured why not write a post about my organization in general. Most items I've had for a few years because why spend more money if I don't need to update it? Acrylic is still totally "in" and honestly is a very convenient way to store my makeup while still being able to see everything. I also played around with a few other storage organizers before these, but nothing was ever big enough to hold everything!

While in Dallas I actually stored my perfume in a separate spot under my sink, but it was annoying to go in there each time I wanted to wear one. I have a few favorites I switch between depending how I'm feeling, so I wanted to have those out and easy to grab. So instead of using the top of these drawers for extra palette space like I was doing before, I split it between perfume (I turned this organizer over to raise the perfume up), a couple eyeshadow palettes I use the most, and my chapsticks. 

The top drawer is all my eyeshadow palettes that don't get used as much. Although I do try to switch things up every so often. As for organization, I went based on how I could fit them all, haha! I wanted each palette to be accessible, so I made sure to leave a good amount of wiggle room in the drawer. 

I love these long 2-section drawer dividers for separating each kind of product! This is my "eyes" drawer where I basically store everything to do with my eye makeup. And since I have a little extra space in this drawer I threw my tools in one of the spaces as well as some samples underneath the dividers. 

Pretty obvious, but this next drawer is all my lipsticks, liners, and glosses. At first I bought two of these lipstick organizers (on the left in the photos), but I quickly realized most of my products were too tall to be stored vertically! So I returned one and added a wider 2-section drawer-organizer and used them to separate the shades into pinks/nudes and reds/berry. 

The bottom drawer is all of my face products outside and also my false lashes since they didn't fit elsewhere. Mostly these are products that I use weekly (and by use, I mean before corona times) or more often. Other products that I use on a daily basis are kept on my counter or in my medicine cabinet for even easier access.

When I posted the photo of my makeup drawers on Instagram I had no idea you all would love it so much! The drawers and organizers have been so helpful and were the only ones that appealed to me in their size, durability, and looks!
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