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In my move I set aside a ton of clothes that are no longer my style, no longer fit, or I just don't wear enough. While doing this I noticed a few basics I was lacking in my closet, or a few pieces that I needed to replace. And of course while shopping for those I had to add a few other trendy things to my basket ;). If you're interested, I'm selling a ton of my clothes and shoes on my Poshmark! As I always say, I'm trying not to spend too much, especially because I realized I have SO. MANY. CLOTHES. Like an insane amount. Although justifiably half are for my blogging, or so I tell myself haha. Either way, you know I don't like to spend a crazy amount of money if I don't have to. So here are some of the pieces that are on the way to me or are currently in my cart! 

Over The Knee Boots

These were on my list as a replacement for my other pair of over the knee boots! Although I love my old boots the heel was too high for me to wear them as often as I would have liked to. These new boots, which I ordered in the wide calf version, have such a minimal heel that it won't be a deterrent! They look almost identical to my old pair that I love, just minus the heel! These are the perfect fall OTK boots that I'll definitely be wearing with this...

Oversized Sweater Dress

Saw this on Amazon and immediately added to my cart. I always love a good oversized sweater, and realize I didn't have a sweater dress like this in my closet. I have a few form fitting ones, but not a cozy oversized one like this! I can't wait to wear this when the weather gets chilly here in the Bay Area. Even if it just means dressing up in this and my OTK boots to go to the grocery store, I'll find a place to wear this dress!

Lavender Midi Dress 

I actually saw this on a sorority friend of mine and asked her where she got it! Turns out Amazon strikes again with their cute fashion finds. Under $35 and so so pretty! It's the perfect transition dress from summer to fall, especially if you live somewhere where it doesn't get cold until later in the year. You can wear this in the day and add a jacket at night when it cools down a little.

Tie Dye Pajama Set

I bought this set a little while ago and it's so well made and comfy! It's a heavier pajama set, so it's perfect for fall and winter. I've been loving the tie dye trend, but am still super picky about the items that I like for myself. This set though is a total keeper!! It also comes in 7 other colors!

Pillow Talk Lip Set

I know this isn't really wardrobe, but hey I make the rules lol. So I technically didn't buy this set, but I did just purchase the lip gloss to complete my own personal set, haha. Pillow Talk is my go to shade, it's just slightly darker and more pink than my natural lip color and is perfect for nearly any outfit. After using the lipstick and liner for years I decided to go ahead and get the gloss as well. But even better for you they're all in a set together now!

Have you been eyeing anything lately?

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