I'm Building A House!

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I've mentioned this on my Instagram a bit, but I'm building a small house here in California! I haven't shared too many details, but as my plans have been closer to finalizing, I wanted to give a brief overview of the house and my vision of it. Above you can see the most up to date drawing of the house! There are still some things that need tweaking based on city requirements. The exterior design has to match the main house (this is actually an ADU/mother in law unit), but I'll be making it fit my style as much as possible! The inside is my dream design, but on a budget. Although I'll be living here for many years, the main house on the property that I inherited after my parents (that is currently in desperate need of renovation and used to belong to my grandma) will eventually be my forever home. At least that's the plan for now! But, for that reason I'm not investing in the interior as a forever home, but more as a functional and pretty cheaper side property.

I've already talked about how this will be a small house, but with two bedrooms and one bath the living space is less than the square footage of my Dallas apartment! Including the garage, which I'll be using as some form of craft room/storage, the house is about 800 square feet. So more like a one bedroom apartment with a den, haha. I'll be making the second bedroom my closet/blogging room where I can dedicate a whole space just for taking photos. I have a feeling that will be my favorite place in the house!

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I don't have a good photo of the style of the house, but this represents it well! I'll be painting it white/off white and it is a mission style flat roof house just like above. Although I plan to style it much differently, but I'll leave that a surprise for the reveal ;) The inside will have all my same furniture (no need to buy anything new!) and the fixtures have all been chosen to compliment my feminine and fun style. I don't feel comfortable sharing the exact blueprints, but the house will have the two bedrooms (aka my bedroom and my blogging room), the living room, one bathroom, and the garage. I'm excited to have a place of my own that I can design exactly for me!

I still have a lot to decide despite these mock ups being done, so unfortunately this is all I can share for now while things are finalizing. But I would love to know your thoughts on building a house! Have you ever done it before?
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