Three Ways To Style Overalls

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I've been a lover of overalls ever since I was little! Seriously, there are so many photos of me when I was a toddler and it seems I never grew out of that love! I have a pair of full length overalls that I love and wear constantly, but I've been on the hunt for one with shorts. I spotted these at Target the other day and for under $30 they are surprisingly perfect! They run true to size but are a little oversized in the thigh. Since I have wider hips I sized up one and it's a great comfortable oversized fit. Here are a few ways I've styled them!

Casual and Cute

This is my favorite way to wear these! It's so easy and quick to grab a t-shirt you love and then throw the overalls on. I don't have too many band tees, but I do have a few cute logo tops/tops with sayings. I just put on one of those comfy shirts, add some cute earrings, slip my sandals on, and go! When the weather gets cold you can swap the t-shirt for a sweater and the short overalls for a full length pair. If I'm wearing this I'm probably running errands, shopping, or doing something casual with my friends.

A Little More Dressy

I love taking a super comfortable item and turning it into part of a chic outfit! When everything else in your outfit is a few steps above comfort, you can totally make a pair of overalls work in a dressy environment. At least you can in my opinion! Obviously I wouldn't be wearing these to a wedding, but to a restaurant patio dinner date or your friend's dressy bbq, this would be perfect. Plus, this look gives me the perfect excuse to wear my new sandals

At Home Cozy

Just looking at this last outfit makes me feel better, haha! Anytime I can go "full comfy" for an outfit I will. This lounge at home look is perfect for movie nights with friends, picking up food to go, or I'll swap out the slippers for tennis shoes and go on a walk! Even Nina is loving this extra comfy look.

Do you like wearing overalls?
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