The Best Shows To Stream During Quarantine

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I would love to say that I've spent my time at home wisely, but I'll be honest a lot of my time has been spent plopped on the couch in front of my tv. I've caught up on so many shows and also started some new ones as well! Since we're all stuck inside and in need of entertainment, I wanted share some of my favorites from the streaming services I have that have kept me busy. Most of these I have watched myself either recently or in the past, and others are recommendations from family and friends! I'll be sharing my personal favorites below with some descriptions to help you get started!

Netflix Favorites


Dexter is one of my favorite shows of all time! I watched it with my family as it came out on Showtime years ago and was addicted from the start. Essentially Dexter is a serial killer for bad people. Based in Miami, Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analyst for the police and gets a first hand look to a lot of nasty crimes. Behind the scenes, he is a vigilante serial killer trying to sweep the streets of anyone harmful or who fits the "code" his father taught him when he was young. For me it's one of the most perfect examples of dramedy. The humor is quirky and dark, but is just light-hearted enough to make you almost forget you're watching this man kill a ton of people. The only downside is that this show is notorious for having one of the worst endings in show've been warned!

The Magicians

Another dramedy! Magic is real in this show and only those with powers know about it. It follows a few students at a prominent magical grad school where they learn to control their powers, fight off evil creatures and people, and also discover what was thought to be a fictional world in the process. Your typical "this group saves the world each season in different ways" kind of show, but the main characters are (almost) all worth falling in love with. If you love fantasy are a fan of the supernatural, this show is right up your alley!

Grace & Frankie

This show is just pure gold! Two elderly married couples split because the husbands are in love with each other, leaving the wives (Grace & Frankie) who are total opposites to become unlikely friends. They annoy each other constantly, but the love and friendship between these two is so transparent and makes the show a joy to watch. The show follows the ups and downs of these two families and all the crazy hijinks these old ladies get into, including starting a vibrator company! It's hilarious and heartwarming all at once.

Hulu Favorites

Brooklyn 99

Fans of Andy Samberg NEED to watch this! A police comedy that breaks a ton of stereotypes, because although these cops are great at their jobs, they're hardly serious. Everyone at the 99th precinct is a total character and brings hilarity in so many ways. Watch them solve cases, get over-involved in each other's lives, and even play pranks on each other while still trying to be professional. It's such a great show and you can tell how much fun all of the actors are having while filming!

The Masked Singer

A singing competition show that became so popular in Asia that they decided to bring it here a few years back! All the contestants are famous celebrities, but the catch is that you have no idea who they are. Everyone wears an extravagant character mask/outfit and competes to be the best singer in the group. Each week the worst singer is 'unmasked' before the judges. There's been so many crazy famous people on here, and it's SO hard to guess who's who!

American Horror Story

I've been a fan of this show since day one! Although the most recent seasons haven't necessarily been my favorites (Seasons 1 & 3 are the best in my opinion!) it's still high on my list of recommendations. If you don't like spooky/scary, this show is NOT for you! It's creepy and weird in the best ways, and although it can definitely cross the line at times, it's a great watch. Each season is technically related to one another (they exist in the same universe) however they all have their own scary theme. That said, it makes it a little difficult to describe the show! The first season, Murder House, follows the story of a family who moves into a disturbingly haunted house and all the horrible events that happen in it. A must watch for those who like to be spooked (but not completely terrified).

Disney+ Favorites

Dog Whisperer

Although I'm a self proclaimed crazy cat lady I also really love dogs! I got into this show when my sister's boyfriend's family (yup that's a doozy) was staying with us last Christmas and wanted something family friendly to watch. Cesar Milan is an exceptionally talented dog trainer and works magic on dogs that are having problems. From aggression to fear, Cesar helps the dogs and their owners to understand why the animals are acting the way they are and how they can work to fix the dog's actions and the owner's mindset. It's super interesting and rewarding to watch the change in these dogs!

Boy Meets World

If you didn't watch this show growing up (or you weren't alive when it aired) now is the time! Watch Corey Matthews grow up alongside his friends and family and learn allllllll the life lessons along the way. Beginning in elementary school, you watch everything from his first kiss all the way up until college and marriage. Kids shows really aren't like this anymore! It's sweet, funny, and full of 90's/2000's nostalgia. I still watch the creepy Halloween episode every year because it's the best! (If you've seen the show, you know exactly what episode I'm talking about!)

Amazon Prime Favorites


Another one of my all time favorites! I've probably watched this whole show through about 10 times 😬, but what can I say, it's hilarious! Shawn Spencer is a (fake!) psychic detective and helps the Santa Barbara PD solve cases with his "abilities" along with his best friend Gus. It's fun to follow along with the cases and watch Shawn and Gus act weird and silly together. If you're a fan of crime shows that are super funny and pay great attention to detail, this is perfect for you.


I originally watched this on HBO, but found out it's also on prime! This comedy follows Vice President Selena Meyer and her daily duties in office. From the incompetence of her political staff to the idiocracy of the public, this show makes humor out of the dynamics of politics and what it's really like behind the scenes of the government. What I love about this show is that you don't have to have any sort of political knowledge to follow what's happening (I only know the basics and was perfectly fine!). The main point is that everyone is both intelligent and absolutely clueless at the same time, and no matter how prepared you get for something it never goes as planned.

Have you seen any of the shows I listed? If I missed any of your favorites (which I'm sure I did since I narrowed down a lot!) be sure to list them in the comments!
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