Spring Pick Me Ups List

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How is it already almost the end of spring, y'all?! I've been quite the busy bee lately with some exciting future plans, but also my car unexpectedly died. I had that car since high school, so it was definitely time for an upgrade! One of my tires popped and replacing it would have been the same price as the worth of my car AKA not worth it. So I had to scramble for a new car. After making that purchase I figured it was time for a pick me up! Luckily I received this box of goodies that would all make the perfect treat yo' self gift. I'm all about self care, and one of the ways I like to practice it is through a little retail therapy, haha! If you're like me go ahead and read about these little gifts that are perfect for the upcoming months.

If you're an avid reader then you know about my long struggle with anxiety amongst other things. I'm still on medication to control it (since mine is pretty strong) and it works incredibly well. However I'm human and still have bad days. On those days I like to use CBD gummies to relax a little bit and they also help me get to sleep a little better. These ones from Infinite CBD taste really good and if you're curious they are also vegan. I know CBD is super trendy right now, but I've been using it for a long time to really test it out and I can say 100% they help me! As for the hand sanitizer, who couldn't use a germ killer right now!?

Okay first things first I love the look of these little bottles! They remind me of old-timey apothecary bottles. These little ampoule serums are a great new product to add to your skincare routine. I'm a believer that you're never young enough to start adding some form of anti aging routine. At 25 I'm not necessarily concerned about aging, however I do want to prevent some particular wrinkles/fine lines. This serum from Vichy targets collagen loss and wrinkles, exactly what I'm looking for! After using it for about 10 days I can already tell that my skin is smoother!

I love love love lip balms!! This fair trade tinted lip balm from Erin's Faces is moisturizing and long lasting. I have the shade 'Blushed' which is a light pink with very slight brown undertones. It also has a nice little sparkle to it! It also smells amazing thanks to the organic peppermint oil. I love how hydrating it is as my lips are unfortunately prone to getting chapped. Erin's Faces also has a great matcha mascara that not only looks and feels luxurious, but is organic and even encourages hair growth!! 

You can use the code SPRINGTIME10 for 10% off your Erin's Faces order!

I'm absolutely in love with the prints on these! I particularly love the leopard print, Swig Life knows me so well. I've actually been using the wine cup as a water cup because as the heat rises I need to keep hydrated! After noticing some acne I knew that meant I wasn't getting enough water, so drinking more H2O has been a goal of mine recently. Plus both the cup and the skinny can cooler are dishwasher safe (Woohoo!!), have triple insulation, are double walled, are vacuum sealed, and are copper plated. Get 10% off when you order HERE.

My nails have been an absolute wreck lately. I normally get them done about every other month and have a dip manicure because my natural nails are terribly weak. It's genetics - I've tried everything. But I tested out this OPI nail lacquer in 'Mi Casa Es Blue Casa' on some glue on nails and it was the perfect fun and bright spring manicure! I've always loved OPI, it's a classic high quality nail polish brand and about half of my personal polish collection is from them! Plus, what's a self care day without a great manicure?

These fun cat eyes are perfect for those who love a quirky retro look! Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories and these from Zenni eyewear are just one of a large selection on their site. Zenni has all kinds of glasses from prescription to blue light to traditional sunglasses. 

Cushion Sol & Escape Mule from REEF

Okay when I tried these on I was honestly in SHOCK at how comfortable both of these shoes are. The REEF Escape Mules are a perfect fit both physically and aesthetically (they give me mediterranean vibes!). While the Cushion Sol Sandals are slightly tight to get into at first (as they are made with vegan leather they will need a slight breaking in there) they are very comfortable and perfect for running errands or if you just prefer comfort and ease without sacrificing style. The sandals and mules are both made with cushioned footbeds with built in arch support. I swear though REEF will now be in the running for my favorite shoe brand with how comfy both of these are!

What do you have on your spring pick me ups list?
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