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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How I Store My Jewelry

I officially have an abundance of jewelry...but I'm okay with that! I have something for every occasion, and a lot of these pieces are from family members, friends, or mean something to me personally in another way. So I wanted a nice way to store everything that wasn't just me lumping them all together somewhere. I had some money saved up (this was about 6 months back) and chose to splurge on this beautiful jewelry box from potter barn! I'd been eyeing it for a while, and decided to replace my older and much smaller jewelry tray. Also like I said, a lot of the jewelry in these photos are a few months to a few years+ old! I will try to link similar pieces when I can in case you are interested!

I really like how I can display all my rings and stud earrings at the top, it's nice being able to see all my stuff at once! Or at least the ones I wear the most! I also store my most used statement earrings in this top section as well. I've tried to separate a little by color, but mostly I just put them where they fit best! The box also has a "hidden" section underneath the top where I can store all my other statement earrings that don't get as much use.

I have a lot of jewelry, so I purchased the large box from Pottery Barn, however it comes in multiple sizes! Even though it is a splurge, I would 100% buy it again! It is so worth it. Plus it goes on sale every so often for up to 40% off, so I would just snag it then.

How do you store your jewelry?

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