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Oh Amazon....I have such a love-hate relationship with you. Since I'm in the process of building/designing a new (small) house I've been looking at home decor more and more. I don't plan on changing too much of my big items, however I am looking to replace some of my older decor that . Amazon has been my go to shopping spot for affordable home decor for years, and more lately they've been better than ever!

Before getting into this post I want to say a little something about BLM. I give my full support to the Black Lives Matter movement and took the past week as a time to elevate melanated voices on my Instagram stories and go without posting my own content until today as a way to show my solidarity with the black community. If you are curious to see what information and resources I shared you can go to my Instagram and click on the BLM highlight! And just because this week of "silence" is done does not mean that we stop supporting this movement! I will continue to be doing my part to actively be anti-racist and support my fellow black creators as well! Alright, now that my spiel is over I'll get us back to our regularly scheduled content.... 

As I said I'll be moving in a few months and I don't want to spend too much money replacing my new items and decorating my place. So I've been scouring places like Amazon, Wayfair, and Target to find home items for my new home! I have about half of the items pictured above, the rest are other cute aesthetically pleasing and useful items that are either on my list to purchase or I just think they're great affordable picks! 

I have to say my favorite item on the list here is these metal storage trunks. I have them in white and rose gold (currently they're only available in gray) and they are the perfect way to add some extra storage to a room. I got these as a Christmas present from my sister a few years book and store clothes that need repairs and my reading books (as opposed to my coffee table books) in them. They're a great size without taking up a ton of room and hold a surprising amount of stuff! Plus they are extremely sturdy, they've been through two moves so far!

I also own the pink utensils set, although I actually bought mine all separately at home goods a while back and ended up spending more that way. I can confirm they're the exact same brand too! I love them and think they're super easy to clean! I stick them in the top rack of the dishwasher, although they do tarnish some after a bunch of washes. If you're worried about that I would just hand wash them.

I was looking for something to fill the space next to my tv and needed something decently tall, but not too big that it would overshadow the tv. These candlesticks come in a set of 3 while the faux taper candles come in a set of 4. The candles are battery operated and come with a remote, super easy! I also like that they flicker like real candles :) I already ordered a second set for my new place because I love them so much! Also can anyone guess the movie I was watching while I took this photo? I'll give you a takes place in one of my favorite southern cities! 

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