Three Ways To Style Overalls

by The Classic Brunette, 10:00:00 PM

I've been a lover of overalls ever since I was little! Seriously, there are so many photos of me when I was a toddler and it seems I never grew out of that love! I have a pair of full length overalls that I love and wear constantly, but I've been on the hunt for one with shorts. I spotted these at Target the other day and for under $30 they are surprisingly perfect! They run true to size but are a little oversized in the thigh. Since I have wider hips I sized up one and it's a great comfortable oversized fit. Here are a few ways I've styled them!

Spring Pick Me Ups List

by The Classic Brunette, 8:07:00 PM
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How is it already almost the end of spring, y'all?! I've been quite the busy bee lately with some exciting future plans, but also my car unexpectedly died. I had that car since high school, so it was definitely time for an upgrade! One of my tires popped and replacing it would have been the same price as the worth of my car AKA not worth it. So I had to scramble for a new car. After making that purchase I figured it was time for a pick me up! Luckily I received this box of goodies that would all make the perfect treat yo' self gift. I'm all about self care, and one of the ways I like to practice it is through a little retail therapy, haha! If you're like me go ahead and read about these little gifts that are perfect for the upcoming months.

The Best Shows To Stream During Quarantine

by The Classic Brunette, 12:00:00 AM

I would love to say that I've spent my time at home wisely, but I'll be honest a lot of my time has been spent plopped on the couch in front of my tv. I've caught up on so many shows and also started some new ones as well! Since we're all stuck inside and in need of entertainment, I wanted share some of my favorites from the streaming services I have that have kept me busy. Most of these I have watched myself either recently or in the past, and others are recommendations from family and friends! I'll be sharing my personal favorites below with some descriptions to help you get started!

How I Store My Jewelry

by The Classic Brunette, 3:19:00 PM
I officially have an abundance of jewelry...but I'm okay with that! I have something for every occasion, and a lot of these pieces are from family members, friends, or mean something to me personally in another way. So I wanted a nice way to store everything that wasn't just me lumping them all together somewhere. I had some money saved up (this was about 6 months back) and chose to splurge on this beautiful jewelry box from potter barn! I'd been eyeing it for a while, and decided to replace my older and much smaller jewelry tray. Also like I said, a lot of the jewelry in these photos are a few months to a few years+ old! I will try to link similar pieces when I can in case you are interested!