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If you're new around here, you need to know one thing for this post: there's nothing I love more than some beautiful jewelry! I'm the type of girl who loves to switch out her daily jewelry. Most of the time I'll go between a few necklaces every few weeks/months, but with rings and earrings I switch things up daily. I was recently introduced to the brand Shop LC, and learned that they have an extensive inventory of beautiful jewelry! Even better, so many of their items are extremely affordable. All of the items in this post were less than $50 each, such a steal!                  

Although I love jewelry, I'm a little picky with the designs I like and I have a mostly dainty, girly style that I stick with. Thankfully Shop LC had so many pretty designs to choose from! I actually had such a hard time picking my favorites. After wearing them all though I think I would have to choose the star necklace. What's your favorite piece?

I've always been a fan of celestial themed items, and they have a category just for that!! Moons and star jewelry for everyone! 😍 As I said though, my favorite is the diamond accent star necklace. It's so pretty, and the perfect size for everyday wear. I've been wearing it for a few weeks now and it's still as stunning as the day it arrived! And it's only $30! I also picked out these rose gold crescent moon studs, and y'all they are SO NICE. They're cubic zirconia but the quality is amazing for the price tag. Are you into the celestial trend? I am as long as the pieces remain simple but high quality!

The other two items I ordered were just as beautiful. This ring is the perfect shade of pink, and although it's bigger than I thought, it will make a gorgeous statement piece! It's unfortunately sold out, however there are a few other rings with the same pink gemstone. This particular one though is so perfect for me, and I'm glad I got it before it sold out. The intricate details on the sides of the ring are gorgeous and have a kind of vintage feel to them that I love! They almost look like little lotus flowers to me!

Finally, I chose these ruby and CZ mini hoop earrings! You can check out how they look on me in this Instagram post (as well as the star necklace). When I saw these on Shop LC's website I actually thought of a pair of earrings that my grandma used to have. She was the type of lady who always wore the same earrings and two or three rings every single day for years and hardly anything else. So these earrings were buried deep into my brain in some of my happiest memories since my grandma and I were super close! My grandma was in a way a huge style icon for me (in some ways good, in other ways SO 90's old lady, haha) and I grew up evolving parts of her style, especially her old jewelry into my wardrobe.

I had been specifically looking for a pair that looked like my grandma's when Shop LC approached me, and I think it might have been a sign from her saying "Hey!" Or, you know, just dumb luck 😉. Either way these earrings are beautiful and classic!

Have you ever shopped from Shop LC? I hadn't before, but now that I know about them and the deals they have they're on my list for great jewelry stores!! Do you have a piece of jewelry you've been searching for for a long time? Maybe Shop LC has it. You can also get 35% off your order with the code SAMI35 😊
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