The 10 Types Of Guys You Meet On Dating Apps

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As a single lady in the modern world, dating can be....well, difficult. Most of the initial interactions now happen through dating apps, which in some ways can be nice, but in many ways isn't my favorite. Do I believe it's possible to find a great relationship through dating apps and websites? YES! But, I also believe you have access to and have to search through SOOOOO many more people than you would in the "traditional" dating world. This creates a problem in itself, but we'll save that for another post. This one is all about the different types of men you meet on these apps. The good, the bad, the ugly, the strange and the wonderful.
Let's start of with a good one, shall we? Because there aren't too many of them on this list 😉

The "I Really Like You, But..."

He's nearly perfect. Maybe you went on a few dates, maybe you were even a couple for a while. Even though he was boyfriend material, your family loved him, was a great guy, there was just something that didn't click. I've ran into one guy like this, and we didn't work because I saw him too much as a friend. He checked almost every single box, but it didn't work out. These are great guys, but for some reason aren't meant for you. It can make you feel a bit upset because it really felt "so close," but it doesn't help either of you to settle for someone almost perfect!

The A**hole

They come in many forms and are awfully abundant on the apps, it comes with the territory. These guys are the ones who straight up act horrendous to you from the start. If you don't respond fast enough you get called names, if you stick up for yourself you're too much work, etc. HARD PASS. The second you see these ones, just swipe left.

The "Want To Hookup?"

I want to make it clear that in my mind there isn't anything wrong with just wanting to hook up if that's what you're looking for. You do you! These guys are here for one thing and are pretty open about it. If you're looking for dating, they're mostly easy to avoid or make themselves known immediately with their first message.

The Hookup In Disguise

You start messaging him and it's going well! He doesn't just want to hook up, or so you think. You're having a nice conversation. Then they strike with their first sexual innuendo. If they're bold they just straight out tell you "hey, I want to let you know I'm not looking for anything serious." after giving off a possibly different impression. Again, nothing wrong if hooking up is what you're looking for, but if you're searching for dates these guys can be a waste of time.

The Guy Who Falls Too Fast

I have a friend who went on a few dates with a guy and he said that he was in love with her. They had barely held hands. Let's just say things ended quickly after that. I haven't met one of these guys in person, but I have had a few guys message me acting like they knew exactly who I was after a few conversations. I also ended things quickly.

The "But I'M A Nice Guy!"

If a man is saying "I'm a nice guy," he probably isn't. Everyone knows the story of the guy who is is a self-proclaimed "nice guy." He hates on those other guys because they don't treat a girl right, they don't cherish her, they don't do nice things for her, they don't care for girls like THEY do. Here's the thing though, these guys seemingly only complain about other guys. They may treat you nicely, but the second you reject them they change their attitude. Suddenly you're a b*tch because you said no, because in their mind their "niceness" was meant to have some sort of reward. Avoid at all costs.

The Catfish

There's a whole tv show directed at this type! Looks are deceiving in this one. They could be a completely different person than their photos, or they could have lied about something else concerning their looks. Their photos could show that they love running marathons, but in reality those days are about 10 years in the past. Or they could show up with a pack of kids in tow swearing up and down that they mentioned them at some point. If things look too good to be true, they probably are.

The "Initial Spark"

This is a promising guy, and another common one in the bunch. These are the men who you get along with, who give you butterflies, and start things off strong. He could really be a contender! Since this type of guy can end in many ways, I'm keeping it pretty vague here. In the end though, the initial spark isn't enough to last.

The Ghoster

If you've been on a dating app recently, you've most likely been ghosted. If you don't know what ghosting is, it's when you're having a conversation with someone (or even dating them!) and then out of the blue they stop all contact with you. I guess this one can't specifically linked to a certain type of guy, but I thought it was an important one to add to the list!

Mr. Right

That's right, I changed up the titles just for this guy! He's special! This is the guy you end up with, the one you didn't think was actually out there, but somehow you found him! I've seen more than my fair share of successful dating app relationships and marriages, (including my sister's relationship!) to know that it is possible to find love out there. As long as this type is out there, I'll continue to try my luck!

What types have you came across on dating apps? Do you have a favorite app or website you use? If I didn't list a type, I want to hear who you think I missed in the comments!!
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