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Tan Sherpa PulloverPink Print Dress | Leopard SneakersHuda Nude Light Palette | Smock Waist Top | YSL Lipstick | | Leopard State Letters Sweatshirt |

Happy February! I took a mild break from spending in January (one of my resolutions) but I broke it this month...badly. I just saw too many great things that I couldn't pass up! But don't worry, after this I'm back to my saving ways πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you just have to treat yourself a few (or 7) times haha.

I know bloggers use the word obsessed all the time, but I truly am obsessed with this oversized sherpa sweater. It's so so soft and the color I purchased is a perfect neutral. You can see it on me here! I ordered the Large which is my typical size and it was still a little oversized which was exactly what I was hoping for. The material is light weight, but warm enough to be worn as a shirt on a nice but breezy day, and as a jacket on days where it's a little colder!

After I bought this I realized it was worn by Mykenna on the Bachelor this season but in blue! (Anyone else watching this season and just think Peter keeps making dumb decisions?) I love how feminine the cut of the dress is. I've found that although I LOVE flowy sleeves like this, they can sometimes be a little too much, but I don't find that the case here. The sleeves are the perfect length and you can even tuck them in to give more of a balloon effect if that's something you like!

Now to be clear, these aren't the exact sneakers I purchased. I searched and searched, but I couldn't find the ones I bought anywhere online! However, I would say these are about 90% the same visually and are from the same designer. If you're looking for the ones I bought I would try searching your local Nordstrom Rack. I was in the market for a new pair of sneakers, saw these leopard ones and despite having a closet full of leopard shoes decided to buy them anyway πŸ˜‚It would only be an issue if I didn't wear all my leopard shoes, but I promise I do!

I love love love this palette. You all know that I love all things pink, and this palette has some beautiful nude pink shadows that highlight my skin perfectly. Huda has three versions of this nude palette to work with multiple skin tones and each has nine gorgeous shades. I've been wearing the middle cream colored shade almost every day, but am going to pull out the glitter ones for Valentines Day weekend!

I actually bought this top in two colors: the brown and the blue prints. I'm still waiting for these to come in the mail, but from the reviews these tops are super flattering and comfortable! I'll update when these come in!

The shade I bought is #44 Nude Lavalliere and it's the best pinkish nude color. It's slightly lighter than my natural lip color and it has a high shine finish which is something I personally love. If I'm wearing a lipstick I either want lots of shine or a solid matte. YSL is a bit of a splurge for lip colors, but if I'm wearing something almost every day I want it to be good quality and long lasting, which I don't have to worry about with this brand.

Okay I saved the one I'm most excited about for last! I bought a TX sweatshirt, but I also bought a CA t-shirt because I couldn't decide which state I wanted to represent, haha! In a way these remind me of sorority letters which I wore constantly in college. I don't wear my letters much anymore for a number of reasons, but mostly because I think once you're out of school no one "gets it" when you're wearing your letters. I wear them occasionally because they're comfortable, but they certainly aren't considered the most fashionable. These give me that nostalgic feeling while being more modern and trendy!

So yes, I hugely broke my no spend 2020 to buy all of these things, but I think they're worth it! Have you purchased anything recently that you're obsessed with? 
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  1. These are all super-cute! I especially love that pink dress.


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