How To Be A Better Ally

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The events of the last few weeks are hopefully the start to some major changes in the US. I stand with the black community, and in my journey to be a better ally I think it's my responsibility to share this on my platforms. Some have said this "isn't my place" and that I should stick to writing about lighter things, but I think this qualifies enough as "lifestyle." And if you aren't interested in reading this post, then go ahead and skip, but if you're uncomfortable with the topic on any level I suggest you continue reading!

Amazon Home Picks

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Oh Amazon....I have such a love-hate relationship with you. Since I'm in the process of building/designing a new (small) house I've been looking at home decor more and more. I don't plan on changing too much of my big items, however I am looking to replace some of my older decor that . Amazon has been my go to shopping spot for affordable home decor for years, and more lately they've been better than ever!

Three Ways To Style Overalls

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I've been a lover of overalls ever since I was little! Seriously, there are so many photos of me when I was a toddler and it seems I never grew out of that love! I have a pair of full length overalls that I love and wear constantly, but I've been on the hunt for one with shorts. I spotted these at Target the other day and for under $30 they are surprisingly perfect! They run true to size but are a little oversized in the thigh. Since I have wider hips I sized up one and it's a great comfortable oversized fit. Here are a few ways I've styled them!

Spring Pick Me Ups List

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How is it already almost the end of spring, y'all?! I've been quite the busy bee lately with some exciting future plans, but also my car unexpectedly died. I had that car since high school, so it was definitely time for an upgrade! One of my tires popped and replacing it would have been the same price as the worth of my car AKA not worth it. So I had to scramble for a new car. After making that purchase I figured it was time for a pick me up! Luckily I received this box of goodies that would all make the perfect treat yo' self gift. I'm all about self care, and one of the ways I like to practice it is through a little retail therapy, haha! If you're like me go ahead and read about these little gifts that are perfect for the upcoming months.

The Best Shows To Stream During Quarantine

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I would love to say that I've spent my time at home wisely, but I'll be honest a lot of my time has been spent plopped on the couch in front of my tv. I've caught up on so many shows and also started some new ones as well! Since we're all stuck inside and in need of entertainment, I wanted share some of my favorites from the streaming services I have that have kept me busy. Most of these I have watched myself either recently or in the past, and others are recommendations from family and friends! I'll be sharing my personal favorites below with some descriptions to help you get started!

How I Store My Jewelry

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I officially have an abundance of jewelry...but I'm okay with that! I have something for every occasion, and a lot of these pieces are from family members, friends, or mean something to me personally in another way. So I wanted a nice way to store everything that wasn't just me lumping them all together somewhere. I had some money saved up (this was about 6 months back) and chose to splurge on this beautiful jewelry box from potter barn! I'd been eyeing it for a while, and decided to replace my older and much smaller jewelry tray. Also like I said, a lot of the jewelry in these photos are a few months to a few years+ old! I will try to link similar pieces when I can in case you are interested!
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Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with their hair? Some days it looks amazing, others it looks like you might be related to Medusa with snakes coming out of your hair. One of the ways my hair personally likes to betray me? Becoming greasy even if I seemingly just washed it. I've started up my routine of washing my hair every few days because I love to keep my hair down, but on those off days I have to toss my hair in a bun or a ponytail and accept defeat. Despite trying to train my hair into less washes, I still want it to look great every day. During this time, it's important for me to look my best with all the zoom calls and Facetimes, and I can't exactly hide behind a greasy bun the whole time! Luckily Pantene has my back with their new waterless collection of dry shampoo and dry conditioner that really saves the day...and my hair!

Jewelry From Shop LC

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If you're new around here, you need to know one thing for this post: there's nothing I love more than some beautiful jewelry! I'm the type of girl who loves to switch out her daily jewelry. Most of the time I'll go between a few necklaces every few weeks/months, but with rings and earrings I switch things up daily. I was recently introduced to the brand Shop LC, and learned that they have an extensive inventory of beautiful jewelry! Even better, so many of their items are extremely affordable. All of the items in this post were less than $50 each, such a steal!                  

The 10 Types Of Guys You Meet On Dating Apps

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As a single lady in the modern world, dating can be....well, difficult. Most of the initial interactions now happen through dating apps, which in some ways can be nice, but in many ways isn't my favorite. Do I believe it's possible to find a great relationship through dating apps and websites? YES! But, I also believe you have access to and have to search through SOOOOO many more people than you would in the "traditional" dating world. This creates a problem in itself, but we'll save that for another post. This one is all about the different types of men you meet on these apps. The good, the bad, the ugly, the strange and the wonderful.

My Most Recent Purchases

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Tan Sherpa PulloverPink Print Dress | Leopard SneakersHuda Nude Light Palette | Smock Waist Top | YSL Lipstick | | Leopard State Letters Sweatshirt |

Happy February! I took a mild break from spending in January (one of my resolutions) but I broke it this month...badly. I just saw too many great things that I couldn't pass up! But don't worry, after this I'm back to my saving ways πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you just have to treat yourself a few (or 7) times haha.

I know bloggers use the word obsessed all the time, but I truly am obsessed with this oversized sherpa sweater. It's so so soft and the color I purchased is a perfect neutral. You can see it on me here! I ordered the Large which is my typical size and it was still a little oversized which was exactly what I was hoping for. The material is light weight, but warm enough to be worn as a shirt on a nice but breezy day, and as a jacket on days where it's a little colder!

After I bought this I realized it was worn by Mykenna on the Bachelor this season but in blue! (Anyone else watching this season and just think Peter keeps making dumb decisions?) I love how feminine the cut of the dress is. I've found that although I LOVE flowy sleeves like this, they can sometimes be a little too much, but I don't find that the case here. The sleeves are the perfect length and you can even tuck them in to give more of a balloon effect if that's something you like!

Now to be clear, these aren't the exact sneakers I purchased. I searched and searched, but I couldn't find the ones I bought anywhere online! However, I would say these are about 90% the same visually and are from the same designer. If you're looking for the ones I bought I would try searching your local Nordstrom Rack. I was in the market for a new pair of sneakers, saw these leopard ones and despite having a closet full of leopard shoes decided to buy them anyway πŸ˜‚It would only be an issue if I didn't wear all my leopard shoes, but I promise I do!

I love love love this palette. You all know that I love all things pink, and this palette has some beautiful nude pink shadows that highlight my skin perfectly. Huda has three versions of this nude palette to work with multiple skin tones and each has nine gorgeous shades. I've been wearing the middle cream colored shade almost every day, but am going to pull out the glitter ones for Valentines Day weekend!

I actually bought this top in two colors: the brown and the blue prints. I'm still waiting for these to come in the mail, but from the reviews these tops are super flattering and comfortable! I'll update when these come in!

The shade I bought is #44 Nude Lavalliere and it's the best pinkish nude color. It's slightly lighter than my natural lip color and it has a high shine finish which is something I personally love. If I'm wearing a lipstick I either want lots of shine or a solid matte. YSL is a bit of a splurge for lip colors, but if I'm wearing something almost every day I want it to be good quality and long lasting, which I don't have to worry about with this brand.

Okay I saved the one I'm most excited about for last! I bought a TX sweatshirt, but I also bought a CA t-shirt because I couldn't decide which state I wanted to represent, haha! In a way these remind me of sorority letters which I wore constantly in college. I don't wear my letters much anymore for a number of reasons, but mostly because I think once you're out of school no one "gets it" when you're wearing your letters. I wear them occasionally because they're comfortable, but they certainly aren't considered the most fashionable. These give me that nostalgic feeling while being more modern and trendy!

So yes, I hugely broke my no spend 2020 to buy all of these things, but I think they're worth it! Have you purchased anything recently that you're obsessed with? 

9 Ways I Grew In 2019

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2019 was a HUGE year of growth for me. In some ways it was just another year, but in many ways I learned so much about myself. I've experienced a lot these past twelve months and I wanted to share a few things that this year has taught me, ways I have grown as a person, and events that have changed my perspective on life. Maybe some of these can relate to you as well!

Move To Dallas

Of course this made the list! Dallas has had such an impact on me. It's my first solo move and I'm hours from family and most friends. Although I've made great friends here, it's still very hard when the people I'm closest to aren't with me. However, Texas has also been amazing in so many ways. Like I said I've made awesome friends, and I've also love this city! There's so much to do here and in so many ways I feel like I'm meant to live here. Every time I move I learn more about myself, and this move was no exception. I think the biggest lesson I've learned here is that even though I am very independent by nature, it doesn't mean I'm not prone to loneliness. (Thank you therapy for helping me deal with that one!)


Just like in 2018 I made huge strides in therapy this year! Last year was the first time I had ever gone to therapy, and although it was a great move in the right direction, the kind of therapy I was in wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I did cognitive behavioral therapy, but what I needed was more of a discussion based therapy. So when I got to Dallas it was important to me to find a therapist who would essentially be a sounding board for my thoughts. Luckily I found just that! My current therapist has really been one of the best things to happen to me in 2019. She's shared insights about me just from listening to me talk about my thoughts, and I've learned an incredible amount about how to deal with life when it doesn't go as planned.

Love Life

Don't get too excited y'all, I have no news to spill πŸ˜‚. But this year has been a crazy one for me. I've run into a few promising guys, made some friends, and avoided some creeps. I actually went on more dates this year than I ever have, and although nothing too serious has come out of it, I'm proud of how much I've put myself out there. Getting back into dating has also made me more aware of what kind of guy and relationship I want. Hopefully 2020 has some good love vibes in store for me!


Oooo this year has been a doozy for vulnerability! I've always been one to keep my feelings to myself, but this year I've been testing the waters with being vulnerable. This has mostly been related to my love life, since vulnerability comes along with that territory. When I was first making the decision to be this open, I was actually having breakdowns with how much these emotions were taking a toll on me. Once I opened up I felt a weight off my shoulders, but making that choice was so so difficult! It's still nerve-wracking to be so open, but despite it leaving me open to get hurt, it also has led to wonderful heart-felt connections and conversations.

Adopting Nina

Oh my little girl! I love Nina with my whole heart, but she is absolutely a handful. She's still a crazy kitten, but her personality is definitely STRONG. She loves to scream, loves to attack feet, and will eat (almost) anything you put in front of her. But with all her craziness, she's also a cuddle-bug who is the biggest momma's girl. Though she tests my patience a lot, I love her so so much. She's taught me how to be a better pet parent, and has also helped me be a more responsible person.

Mental Health Is An Ongoing Process

As I said earlier, I made great strides in my mental health last year. But 2019 was the year I fully grasped what it's like to be working on your mental health. Just because I'm in therapy and on medication doesn't mean I'm 100% every day. I have so many good days, but the bad days come right along with them. Every day I have to remind myself that it's normal and okay to have ups and downs (thanks therapy!) and that it's up to me to work on bringing up my mood.

Being Myself 

Okay, I know this one seems silly, but that advice older people are always giving about being yourself 100% is actually solid. I thought it was ridiculous for so long, especially because I thought I was being myself. 2019 was the year that I realized I was diluting who I was because I was afraid people weren't actually going to like me (once again, thanks therapy! πŸ˜‚) Once I slowly pushed that fear to the side I saw people were more open to getting to know me and I was much more at ease getting to know others too. Life is SO much easier once you give in to being you and not caring what other people think of you.


This past year was amazing amazing AMAZING for travel. Since I was in middle school I had dreamed of going to Greece, and it finally happened! It was everything I had dreamed of and more, and I can't wait to eventually go back. Traveling always brings growth, and this trip was no exception. I love exploring other countries, cultures, and customs, and it makes me feel like I get to connect with humankind a little more. I also traveled to a few other places this year, but my cruise trip was superior to them all!


Oh money, how thou aren't my friend. This year has been a little rough with spending. I got a little out of control, but it's time to real that in! The growth in this department is that I have realized I haven't been as responsible as I need to be. I had my year of fun, but 2020 is all about SAVING and being financially savvy!

What are some ways that you grew in 2019?