Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide Under $20

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I realize I already wrote a stocking stuffer post a few weeks back, but this one is a little different so hear me out! These are specifically for the girly girl in your life AND if you're looking to stick to a budget. All of these gifts are under $20, but many are actually under $10! I think the perfect stocking stuffer is on the more affordable side, otherwise it might as well just be a regular gift under the tree, right? I also think stocking stuffers are a great chance to provide some things that are necessary including cozy socks, a new phone case, or even some new underwear, ha! You can shop all the items with the links above, but I'll also be sharing some details of my fave items below.
Mini Pumpkin Candle

This Anthropologie candle is one of my personal favorites. Something about these candles is a step above the rest. The scents are incredible and long lasting, which are both super important when picking out a candle. I'm a firm believer that candles are one of the best stocking stuffers, unless you're gifting to someone with a picky nose, haha! 

Oh how I hate washing my face. Growing up I always hoped it would be as easy as those fun commercials made it out to be where I would magically splash water on my face and everything would be fabulous. Real life face washing is practically the opposite of that. It's messy, annoying, and honestly a pain. One thing that helps? These fun headbands! They're perfect for keeping hair out of my face and also blocking water and product from getting on my hairline. Simple solution, but life changing! Still not a fan of washing my face though...

This is actually on my own list! When I don't have my fake nails on, it's incredibly difficult for me to massage my hair in the shower. It's heavy, unmoving, and near impossible to work product into my hair. At $6 this is the perfect stocking stuffer to make every shower luxurious and make sure your hair actually gets cleaned! And who doesn't love a little scalp massage?

My obsession with Jonathan is endless! Queer Eye is one of my favorite heart-warming shows and each of the Fab 5 are amazing in their own way, but Jonathan steals my heart each and every time. When I heard he came out with a book it was immediately on my reading list. Although I haven't read it yet, I've heard great things from friends who have had the chance to read it. Knowing how vulnerable Jonathan was while writing his story (including revealing his HIV+ status), I can't wait to support him by reading it!
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