Sentimental Jewelry With James Avery

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As many of you know, I love it when my jewelry carries a personal meaning. I believe that the most beautiful pieces come with a story, and that's exactly what James Avery believes as well. This family owned company is all about creating those sentimental pieces that celebrate the things that you hold close:love, family, faith, friendship. Things that also happen to coincide with Christmas! So what better way to enjoy the holiday with some timeless and unique pieces that allow you to share your story. With these being my first James Avery pieces, I wanted to make sure I chose items that really spoke to me. Keep reading to see how these rings hold meaning!

One thing I knew I wanted right off the bat was something that marks where I am in my life right now. Since James Avery is based right here in Texas, it was obvious to me that I needed one of their Texas inspired designs. I chose the Texas Forged Ring because it was simple and, well, timeless! What could better mark my experience moving to Dallas than a beautiful sterling silver Texas ring? It's the perfect little token to remember this time in my life where I made this huge change, but not too out there where I can't wear this every day. I can't say I wasn't tempted in my search to choose one of their fun Whataburger designs though, haha!

The second piece I chose was something I've actually always wanted - a birthstone ring. I'm one of those people who absolutely loves my birthstone (January-garnet) and James Avery has a beautiful gemstone collection just for birthstones! I picked out this beautiful Garnet Heart ring because I thought it was gorgeous for one, but also because it symbolizes the love I have for garnet. I haven't come across a gemstone heart ring quite like this, so the uniqueness also spoke to me when browsing the jewelry. I love the detailed twisted band, and even though the design isn't something I typically go for, it stood out to me as something that I could reach for now and continue to wear for the rest of my life.

Lastly I picked something a little more traditionally "me." The 14k gold Pure Heart Ring is something that not only reminded me of myself, but also of my parents. It's something they would have seen and immediately sent to me saying "You would love this." It's been a little over two years since their passing, but I see their influence and memories of them in many parts of my life. But I've been looking for something I could physically wear that symbolized their love and support in my life. This name of this ring says it all, pure heart, it's what my parent's had and is an excellent representation of what they mean to me.

P.S. Check out my Instagram for how to enter to win a gold pure heart ring (size 7) of your own!

Do you have any James Avery pieces? I would love to hear your personal stories and any memories or meaning their jewelry brings to your life!
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  1. I grew up in TX and love James Avery jewelry. It was fun to read your post.


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