Pink Glam Christmas Decor

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It's almost Christmas! These past few months have absolutely flown by, but if it means the holidays get to come faster I'm okay with it. I've had my decorations up since the beginning of November, but I know not everyone goes as holiday crazy as I do. These photos have been sitting on my computer for a few weeks now, but now I think it's the perfect time to share my decor! Thanksgiving has passed, so now it's all Christmas all the time! My decor is definitely a representation of my regular style, AKA pink, gold, and glam. But I also wanted to have a 'classic Christmas' feel as well, let me know if you think I hit the mark!

This post is a bit photo heavy, but I couldn't not include all of these! I'm a bit obsessed with my own decor, but I hope you are too. I did most of my Christmas decor shopping at my local HomeGoods, but I also picked up some things from Michaels, Macys, and searched through my own collection through the years. So a good amount of my decor unfortunately isn't online.

I love making my apartment feel like a winter wonderland, and I absolutely love how my apartment turned out this year. It was the first time I got to decide everything for myself, and my vision really did come true. The thing I'm most proud of though is my beautiful tree! I've been gathering up ornaments like last Christmas, and it really came together.

If I could keep it up year-round I probably would, haha! That's half the reason I decorate so early, so I get to keep it up as long as I can. One of my favorite parts about having the decor up is the sparkle and glow of everything and how it reminds me of childhood. The best part growing up was that I could see the glow of our family tree from my bedroom and it always made me smile. Now in my own place, almost every night I take some time to sit in my living room with the lights from the tree just to fuel my happiness a little. That's exactly what Christmas decor is for though, to brighten the happiness during the holidays. And that's what my living room decor does!

I hope you enjoy getting a look at my decor! What's your favorite thing to decorate during the holidays?
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