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I swear these past few months have just flown by! How is it already almost Thanksgiving? Although I love Thanksgiving with all my heart, there's no doubt that Christmas is my favorite holiday. The only thing that truly stresses me out this season (besides running into people I don't remember/don't remember me from high school 😬😂) is finding great gifts for people. I'm one of those people who regularly has to ask my friends exactly what they want for the holiday, and if they really don't know I get them a gift card. Not necessarily a bad thing, and I've been getting better over the years. But I'd love to be one of those people who always finds the perfect gift without asking. The worst of the gifts? Stocking stuffers. But luckily I've got a number of gifts in this post that can work in the stocking or under the tree. 

These aren't a first timer here on The Classic Brunette! Headphones are always a great gift, and the Trekz Air open ear headphones by AfterShokz are a great gift for the music lover, the athlete, or anyone who loves the latest tech gear. The big draw to these for me is that they have great sound quality, but you also have the ability to listen to the world around you at the same time. 

Use the code GGVBABBLE for $50 off all wireless bundles!

Okay how adorable is this teddy bear?! It's the perfect size to hang out of a stocking (I've heard some people do one larger gift, I personally do a few smaller gifts!) or wrap up and stick under the tree. This is the Timeless Teddy Bear from Build-A-Bear dressed up as Santa! So stinkin' cute and you can actually buy all these together in this set. Build-A-Bear has a ton of cute holiday themed furry friends that you can customize with outfits, accessories, sounds and even scents!

Use the code BEARYMERRY online or in store to get $5 off your purchase of $25 or more!

You're probably thinking, "Sami you don't live with a dog anymore, what are you going to do with these treats?" Gift them of course! I have so many friends and family members with dogs and I love to include the pets when I can! These Bearnola Bites and the Meaty Bites are grain-free which is great for the doggos, and they're also made in the USA 🙌.  Do you have a stocking for your pet(s)? I have one for Henry, but I still have to grab one for Nina!

I'm a believer that everyone should be prepared for a worst case scenario, especially on the road! I'm also a huge believer in practical gifts to go along with the 'fun' gifts. My dad always made sure I had some tools in my car, and the ML50 Roadsite Safety set would definitely be something he would give me! Keep this in your car, your home, or bring the flashlight for outdoor adventures like camping or hiking. 

Use the code MAGBB19 for 15% off online orders. (Exclusions apply)

I'm not going to lie, socks might actually be one of my favorite gifts. It's something I didn't really understand as a kid, but now that I'm an adult I'm always in need of another great pair. Socks are something I always put off grabbing on my own, so when someone gifts me a pair it's awesome! These socks from No Nonsense are super comfy, soft, and breathable thanks to the mesh panels. They come in both no-show and quarter top length. They're also perfect for fitting in everyone's stocking!

Another one for the animal lover in your life! If you have pets this book is a sweet way to learn the history of how our relationship has grown in 26,000 years! It speaks to mankind's desire for companionship and how our pets (all kinds!) fit that role in our lives. The book explores why we have such a unique relationship with animals and how they have changed our lives, and even our DNA!

Aura Analog Photo Printing Service Subscription

I'm a believer in printed photos. So much of our lives are digital now, but nothing beats holding memories in your hand or having them throughout your home. This is where Aura Analog comes in! It's the perfect gift for those family members you don't see often or live far away. For $7.99/month you get this beautiful white stone frame and every month the recipient receives 5 high quality prints chosen right from the Aura app on your phone. One of the coolest things about this subscription is actually the frame! It has the ability to store a year's worth of photos as well!

Do you like shopping for stocking stuffers? I hope this list is helpful in your search for the perfect gift!

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