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Howdy friends! (That's right, I'm in Texas now, so I get to use cowboy talk 😉) I haven't done any fashion inspired posts in a bit, and I figured I would show y'all a little bit of what I've been purchasing lately. I've somehow found myself headed to Nordstrom Rack a lot recently since there's one close to my new apartment, and I kept running into the same few pieces that I loved. So, you know what the say, if you like it in multiples! This was something my dad said to me so many times growing up, and it got ingrained into my mind that it's the smart thing to do when you really like something. I agree, BUT, I typically only do this with more classic pieces unless the trendier ones are very reasonably priced. And luckily for you all, I've found some items that I'm obsessed with and have bought multiples of...that you can find all in one place. I've had luck finding some of these pieces in store, but most are easier to find online if you don't want to go on a fruitless search in store. Here are the things I've picked up recently!

Scalloped Cami 

I'm honestly surprised that these camis are still in stock! I've had my black and white ones since around December! They've only added to the colors/patterns they come in, which is a bonus for me! I just bought the leopard one last week at my local store. Although it says sold out in a few colors/sizes online, I saw multiple off those on the racks. So be sure to check in store for those as well! Also, if you're a bit busty, you might want to go up a size! 

The second I saw these sandals I knew I was going to fall in love with them. They weren't too tall, they had a platform which would make them comfortable, and they came in five colors! I found the snakeskin ones in store, tried them on and it was probably one of the quickest "I have to buy these" moments I've had in quite a while. So then I went on a search to find the black pair at another store. I would have purchased them in the tan too, but my best friend are the same size and she bought them in that color! So I'll just be borrowing hers, haha. 

I do want to stress though that these sandals are so so comfortable. I personally didn't even have to break them in before wearing them out. The platform makes it feel like there's barely a heel, but it isn't too high where you feel wobbly on your feet! Although these are more on the expensive side ($80), I believe the shoe style is classic and worth the investment. Although if you're only looking to get one color, I would say you can't go wrong with the black or tan, they go with anything! 

GUYS. I FINALLY BOUGHT A BODYSUIT! For a while I was sure that all bodysuits were just going to make me look like a toddler in a gymnastics class, but I finally found one that looks good! So what do I do? Of course I buy it in every color/pattern. The best part is I don't feel bad about doing it because they're only $23 each. Such a deal for something I've basically been living in this past week (I think I wore it 4/7 days this week...) It's comfortable, stretchy enough that my booty/hips fit without making me feel squished. I sized up because I wanted a bit of a looser fit, however your traditional size will fit great as well! The bodysuit comes in black and leopard too (they're in the mail, but I'll show them on stories once they get here!) If I had to tell you to absolutely get one of these items, it would be this one! Plus it's pretty dang budget friendly! My best friend also bought two of the three colors as well, I swear it's currently my favorite thing in my closet. 

P.S. I know I found all of these items at Nordstrom Rack, but this post isn't sponsored by them! (Although....hit me up Nordstrom Rack I love you!) I just happened to get so many deals here recently that I had to share! Which item is your favorite?
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  1. I love those scalloped camis! They are so cute!

  2. I love to buy multiples, even in the same color. I love Nordstrom Rack too. Can't beat finding cute stuff at a great price.

  3. I always buy more than one of an item if it is a wardorbe staple. I love that scapploped cami. I am putting in my cart as we speak. Thanks.

  4. I've been looking at heeled sandals. These are so cute!

  5. Your recent purchases are so cute girl! I don't typically buy in multiples, but what I will do is re-purchase something after I've worn my original down! Last year I got a replacement of my fav pair of flats. :)

    xoxo A

  6. if i realy like something, i'll get multipules but i usually just wear them out

  7. The scallop cami is super cute! I love buying an item in multiples. I've been doing that for years, especially with tops.

  8. BRB, running over to Nordstrom Rack for that scalloped hem cami. So cute in both the solid black and leopard print.

  9. Those camis are cute! I love to layer up with camis.

  10. You look super-cute! I'm currently on the hunt for perfect ballet flats, so I bought a ton of them. I've returned the ones in the wrong size, and I have one pair coming to me in a different size. Once I determine which of all the brands is my favorite, I'll start stockpiling that in different colors. Although I do actually like all of the brands I've tried... picking the best will be hard! Blog post coming later this month ;)

  11. I really love the scalloped camis! Cool outfits.

    Helen | From Forless, pacsun free shipping code for all


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