If you've been anywhere near social media recently I'm sure you've heard all about Marie Kondo and her magical ability to tidy up and organize. Her new Netflix show premiered on January 1st and everyone practically went crazy over the KonMari method and Marie's way of making you gain a new perspective on your living space and all the items you own. I had seen a bunch of stuff about the show on my social media feeds and decided to finally give the show a shot after getting fed up with my messy, overstuffed dresser drawers. Let me tell you guys up front, this show is going to basically be a hit or miss for you. I've heard some people talk about how Marie is "too cutesy" and "strange for talking to clothes" (don't worry, I'll explain in a bit!) but if you're willing to give her method a try I promise it can change how you view organization! Another warning, the photos I'm sharing aren't "goals" or even blogger-worthy today, I'm literally just sharing what my drawers look like after using the KonMari method. This post is definitely more information and personal experience based than anything!

I'm going to give you all a VERY brief explanation of the method for clothing. First you want to pile everything you own in one big pile. Yes, everything. I had already previous done a large overhaul of my clothes a few weeks ago, so I just started with piling each of my drawers out individually. I'm already relatively organized, at least with categorizing things, so my drawers just needed to "look pretty." In the show Marie talks about how everything you own should spark joy in you. If it isn't something you're excited about for any reason, it should be donated, sold, thrown out, etc.

I wanted to give this my all, so with each drawer I re-went through each item and held it. You're supposed to individually go through the items like this to feel the connection to your clothes and see if that joy is there. I actually did end up getting rid of a few more things just because I knew I was keeping them without a good reason to! If you get rid of a piece of clothing Marie asks you to thank it and gently place it in it's pile. This is where a lot of people start thinking this is all just a little too weird. However, in actuality, thanking my clothes that I was done with was really helpful. I'm one of those people who loves to hold on to anything and everything. It's difficult for me to let go because I just assign sentimental value to things for no reason at all. Thanking the clothes made me ultimately feel less guilty for getting rid of those memories and moving on. It made me grateful for the clothes I am keeping and it gave me an overall sense of gratitude for my surroundings and what I choose to keep in my life.

I know it's a little silly saying that this one thing made me feel that way, but it's true! Marie Kondo is an expert in this after all, and it really does make a difference if you attempt her practices and mindfulness with all your effort.

After getting rid of the clothes I no longer wanted, it was time to fold! I won't go into explaining the process of folding, because Marie is truly the expert on that one. I'll just let you watch her show and/or youtube videos to understand her techniques. But what I can tell you is that my life is SO much more organized since learning how to fold correctly! I wish I had taken some before photos of the drawers, but alas you all will just have to look at the results.

Before folding this way my drawers were a complete mess. Some wouldn't even close they were so stuffed full and messy! I didn't get rid of much, but the way this method works makes it much easier to both fit everything in and visualize all the items that you have. That's the #1 thing that I love about the KonMari method, you organize it in a way that you don't forget what you own because it's always in view!

I've only gone through her method for my clothes, but I can't wait to overhaul and organize the rest of my stuff with her techniques!

Have you seen Marie Kondo's show, read her book, or watched her youtube videos? What do you think of her techniques?
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  1. I haven't heard about this organization method, yet! It really looks like it works though. Do you think it would be feasible for a girl in college with a small apartment?

    <3 Theresa Ann

    1. Yes!! I'm in an apartment (with a decently small bedroom/storage space) and this method works great for me! I think it would totally work for girls in college as well! :)

  2. I love organizing but after a while my drawers/closet get so messy + cluttered! I definitely need to give this method a try to help out!

    1. I get the same way! This definitely helps me, at least for now! We'll see in a few months!

  3. I was excited to watch this Netflix series, but I had nothing to get rid of considering I've been living this way for years! haha!

  4. I'm planning on cleaning out my clothes and reorganizing with this method!

  5. I have been anti KonMari for years now just because of it's overhyped popularity. I have always been quite organized and minimalist so I don't know how much help folding my clothes in a new way would help me.

  6. Aah I never heard of this but since I’m a big fan of organizing I should try this! Thanks for sharing


  7. I read her book a few years ago and had been folding the way she said since 2017! I'm so glad other people are using her method too. It's very clever!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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