Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial

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Happy Monday everyone, there's only 15 more days until Christmas! I've been wrapping gifts like crazy because this year I have so many to give out. I even went to gift wrapping workshop at my local Paper Source store (not sponsored, just for fun!) to learn how to nicely wrap a Christmas present. Let's just say before this class I wasn't the best gift wrapper, haha! I polled you all on Instagram stories to see if you wanted to see a post on the tips I learned, and nearly all of you said yes. So, here we are! Now, these tips aren't for expert wrappers, mostly just beginners. If you can already wrap a nice looking gift, you may learn one or two things from this post, but don't expect to learn some crazy tutorial. These gifts are easy to wrap and make beautiful so anyone can do it! Also, a warning, this post is very photo heavy because I wanted to show each step of the process!

What you'll need:
-Wrapping paper
-Double sided tape
-A roll of ribbon
-Washi Tape (optional)
-Tags (optional)

The first step is cutting the paper down to the right size. Make sure you have some quality wrapping paper though! I made the mistake of buying cheap stuff and it makes it a bit harder to cut, tape, and stay in place. Another mistake I made, glitter paper! Yes it's pretty, but it barely sticks to the tape so it ends up falling apart!!

Once you get some good paper though, you'll want to place your gift as I did in the above photo. You want to flip it over the paper so each side is covered. This means four flips (edge one, front, back, edge two). This way you're sure the whole present will be covered.

The next part of making sure you have enough paper is to measure the sides. You want to have a little over half the width of your gift to make sure it's completely covered when wrapping.

After cutting the correct amount of wrapping paper, you want to fold the first half over the gift and tape it down. Where that end is taped depends on the second step though. You want your second side to go just over the other edge of the present. This way you can crease the wrapping paper at the edge, and fold it in a nice neat line like shown above. Tape this folded edge down with the double sided tape as if it was the end of the wrapping paper. You'll have a pretty and straight edge without having any tape showing!

Now on either side of the gift you'll have the excess paper to cover the ends. You'll want to stick your fingers in the middle of the paper and fold as close to the present as possible. It's difficult to describe, but hopefully the first photo here makes sense for you! Don't worry if you have multiple layers of wrapping paper to fold, that just means you cut slightly too much at the first step. Do this fold on both sides (I like to flip my present instead of trying to do both sets of folds at once). Tape down the bottom set of folds (the side that will not be visible) to the present. I like to fold it if it's a little too long, but you don't have to if it fits! Then make a clean folded line for the top set of folds like in the second photo and tape it down with the double sided tape. Once again, no signs of tape!

Your present is wrapped! Yay! Now it's time for the bow. Take your ribbon, and don't cut it. Bring the ribbon under the top side of the present with the bottom of the present facing up. Twist the ribbon 90 degrees so it's facing the opposite sides of the present (like in the second image). Pull tightly and flip the present back over to the front.

Slip both sides of the ribbon underneath the line of ribbon that is already there. This keeps the bow tight and less likely to shift. Next tie a knot and bow in the ribbon as if you were tying your shoes. That's it!

An optional little trick I learned is to decorate your plain gift tags with washi tape! All you have to do is add some holiday tape and it makes your tags fun and more unique. I also picked up some little 3D wreath stickers to add as well.

And there you have it! A simple gift wrapping tutorial to make all your friends and family think you're a pro. Hope you all learned something from these tips! What are your best techniques for making beautiful Christmas presents?
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  1. Love this! Keep posting!

  2. Great photos! I've definitely branched out my wrapping skills. Used to shove everything into bags lol.
    Jordan | www.dailycupofjojo.com

  3. Such great trips. I am legit the worst at wrapping.

  4. Books are seriously so tricky to wrap and I never know what to do with the corners of the wrapping paper! I always take the easy way and throw things in gift bags, but yours looks so much fancier!

  5. I used to be so bad at wrapping gifts, but I've gotten a lot better over the years. I've come to appreciate cute wrapping paper with all the fluff, bows, and all that good stuff. I've also been dying to get my hands on this book to put on my coffee table.

  6. ah i love wrapping gifts! It's like a little puzzle each time! your wrapping is gorgeous!

  7. Some years i go all out for wrapping others, I just put a gift in a bag.

  8. I actually LOVE gift-wrapping - something about folding the papers and getting everything looking neat is so satisfying to me. This is such a great intro into wrapping gifts! Plus, I love the wrapping paper you used!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. This is how my mom taught me to wrap presents! I don't want to unwrap presents sometimes because the wrapping is so good haha.

  10. Looks awesome! I'm terrible at wrapping presents so will def be referencing this in the weeks to come. Thanks!!!

  11. What gorgeous wrapping! I'm awful at making my gifts pretty so I usually use gift bags :)

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  12. Don't remind me how close we are to Christmas! haha. Beautiful gift wrapping - it's one of my favorite parts of the holiday :)

  13. Love it! I wrap gifts the same way :) That paper is so pretty!


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