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Christmas is almost here! I know I keep saying that, but it's just because I'm so excited. I'm wrapping up all my last minute present shopping and I'm assuming most of you are too. I have a large variety of people on my list this year and some people are more difficult than others. Whoever you're shopping for, Babbleboxx's Christmas Wish List box has something that will help. One of my favorite things about the holidays is that I can match the perfect gift to the individual, even if they're a bit tricky to get right. This box has something for almost everyone, and let me prove it to you!

For The Workout Geek/Music Lover:

The Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones are the perfect gift for the athlete in your family. Not only are these open-ear headphones entirely unique in that they use bone conduction technology to play your music, they also allow you to hear the world around you at the same time. These headphones are incredibly lightweight and weather resistant, perfect if you get annoyed with the typical bulky headphones. Another thing that I love about the Trekz Air is that they are so dang comfortable! My ears always end up irritated when I wear headphones/earphones for too long, but since these don't actually go in your ear I skip the discomfort altogether. I actually wore these almost all day and forgot I was wearing them because they are so lightweight!

For The Jewelry Lover/That Special Someone:

Jewelry is always a popular gift during the holidays, but sometimes it's fun to think outside the traditional gems you normally see in high quality jewelry. Charles & Colvard's Signature Moissanite Necklace is an absolutely stunning necklace that features moissanite, the world's most brilliant gemstone. Although it is naturally occurring, it is very rare to find it in its natural form (that's because it literally comes from space via meteors!). Scientists have perfected the recreation of moissanite in labs, therefore it is an ethically and environmentally responsible and sourced gemstone.

Charles & Colvard have created a new standard of luxury that are perfect for your loved ones. It isn't a diamond wannabe, but it is a piece that can be handed down through generations. Give this to your mother, your sister, your fiance, your best friend. Any lady in your life that holds a special place in your heart! Bonus points if they're a fan of environmentally conscious businesses!

For The Homebody/Essential Oil Fanatic:

We all know a Sharon on Facebook who talks about how essential oils saved her life and cured cancer. Okay, I might be a little dramatic with that statement, but I think we can all agree that everyone who loves essential oils is passionate about them. Hey, I am too so the jokes are at my own expense! 😅On a more serious note, if you don't want to get that person more essential oils (which you can be sure so many people will do!) give them another form of them: a candle! This Stillness + Purity Rose Water candle from Chesapeake Bay Candle is from their Mind and Body collection. It's a soy wax candle infused with essential oils (this particular candle uses cedar leaf, orange, mandarin, petitgrain, geranium, gurjun balsam, and rose absolute) to create a pure and delicate smell. Any wellness and self-care aficionado will appreciate this delicately scented beauty!

For The Beauty Expert:

Alright y'all we're about to get real here again on TCB! All girls have that one thing about themselves that bothers them, for me and the other women in my family it's one stubborn neck hair. Just A. SINGLE. HAIR. My mom, my sister and I all have/had it and every so often I would have to pluck it. Finishing Touch Flawless is the new gold standard of facial hair removal and it's perfect for gently erasing the unwanted hairs from wherever your problem area is. The best part is that it does it painlessly and without redness, bumps, or irritation.

This gift isn't for everyone (You don't want to insult someone with a hair removal gift if they've never brought up this issue with you!) so this one is for the girl or guy in your life that regularly flaunts their beauty and how much they love to primp and pamper themselves.

For The Gen Z-er/"On Trend" Fashion Guru:

Is it me or are Gen Z-ers the most into eccentric and unique fashion? They're always ready to take risks and go for the fun rather than traditional looks! Fun x Fiorucci Women’s Sheer Crew Socks are the answer for how to make socks fun and some might even say sexy! I love the sheer panels, not only are they totally unique, but they're actually really soft and comfortable too. These FUN socks are a limited edition collaboration with Fiorucci and can be worn alone around the house, or pair them with your favorite pair of sneakers or even heels if you're super trendy!

You can get an additional 15% off your order at with the code BABBLEBOXX at checkout by 12/31/18!

For The Hostess/Entertainer:

It seems like every year I'm invited to at least one holiday party, and I'm a believer that you should never show up to a party empty handed! This Crofton Chef's Collection Cocktail Shaker and Moscow Mule glasses from ALDI are the perfect way to show a host/hostess you appreciate them. Not headed to a party for the holidays? No problem! This is still a great gift for someone who loves to entertain or the aspiring bartender. My favorite thing about this shaker is that it shows you how to make a lot of amazing cocktails right on it! Perfect if you love to try out new drinks or are trying to impress some guests. These are available for purchase at ALDI starting Dec 19, so be on the lookout!

Are any of these items on your list? Have fun holiday shopping!
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  1. YES YES YES! i just received mine as well and am IN LOVE with everything - those headphones are the best for a trip i just went on too- so easy and light weight!

  2. These earphones look incredible. I also like the necklace, very elegant

  3. Wow it looks like Babbleboxx really has it all- truly something for everyone! The necklace looks super versatile and cute. <3

    xoxo A

  4. I've been using the Flawless facial hair remover for forever now and love it!

  5. I have a pair of diamond earrings from Charles & Covard and I love them. I wear them almost all the time.

  6. ooh! I want that cocktail shaker and the Moscow Mule mugs. So beautiful!

  7. Oh i just love these gift ideas. I have a friend who would absolutely love the shaker and moscow mules mugs for her weekly hostings.

  8. Such a fun box! Those earbuds sound amazing!

  9. I really love those moscow mule glasses! So cute!

    xx Tatyanna


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