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This is the second post on my 'Currently' series where I catch you all up on the things in my life from what I'm thinking about, where I've been traveling, and all the things I'm doing and loving. I always like reading these types of posts from other bloggers because it lets you get into the more personal side where you learn about the parts of life that don't necessarily include the blog or social media. The goal with these posts is to try to connect with all of you more! Maybe we're watching the same show or maybe we're going to be traveling to the same place soon, connecting with you all is why I'm here and I want to do that more often! If you missed the first Currently TCB post you can check that out here but for now here's what I'm currently up to...

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Listening To...

I actually haven't been listening to much lately. I think I'm jumping the gun a bit with the holiday music though, haha. I'm willing to admit that I've listened to the Michael Buble Christmas album multiple times within the past few weeks though. BUT that doesn't mean I'm skipping Halloween, because it's also one of my favorite holidays!


Brooklyn 99, Ugly Betty, and Supernatural. My best friend and I always start shows to watch together when she comes home from work, and right now that show is Ugly Betty. I love this show and think it's a great mix of comedy and drama (my favorite genre by the way!). I've already watched it before, but it's a great one to watch by yourself or with friends. Supernatural is a show I've loved forever, but after getting to about season 11 a few years ago I just couldn't keep up. I decided to jump back into watching it to try to make it to the most recent season. Although I love this show, I do think it's gone on way too long, the earlier seasons are much better! And similarly with Brooklyn 99 I watched a few seasons but never caught up. This one was due to lack of time, but I'm so glad I'm catching up! Andy Sandberg is one of my favorites and the show is so funny!

Thinking About...

The holidays! I'm still trying to decide what to be for Halloween but it will probably involve some type of fun makeup. Also thinking about Christmas since I'm trying to get ahead this year. Normally I have no idea what to get people (I'm great at gift guides on here, but when it comes to giving gifts to friends and family it takes me forever to nail down the perfect gift). But this year I've already got a few gifts down and am pretty proud of myself!


What with all the traveling I've been pretty bad with my water intake. I've been drinking a fair amount of Diet Coke but I've been trying to cut back since I've been home!


A TON of inflight magazines. I feel like there's been non-stop travel for me, and it's not even over yet! But with each flight I love to pick up the magazine that they have on the flight flip through it, and do the crossword and sudoku.


Even more travel. I have a friend's wedding coming up and we're still finalizing plans for those few days. Then I have to figure out all my Thanksgiving and Christmas plans.

I'm also attempting to plan out my move. I mentioned in this post that I'll be moving to Dallas and I have so much to figure out before the move actually starts!

Excited For...

Everything coming up these next few months! My friend's wedding, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the plans that I have for the blog coming soon!


So many fun things for fall, but mostly sweaters! This bright pink sweater has been something I've been searching for for a few weeks now, but all the similar sweaters I found were way too overpriced. I snagged this one for only $27 at Nordstrom Rack, but unfortunately I can't find it online. I did find a few reasonably priced similar ones though (of course there are a few now that I found this one!). You can find the similar sweaters here and here and here.

I also just recently bought this leopard sweater which is currently sold out, but once it comes back in stock I urge you all to grab it because it is so cute and can be worn in so many ways!

What's currently going on in your life?
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  1. I'm so addicted to Supernatural too! I re-watch old episodes when the brothers looked like babies and just marvel at how far the whole story has come!

  2. i'm so excited for the holidays too! i'm going to download michael bubles christmas albums right now, thanks for the reminder!

  3. i loved ugly betty - such a cute show! i've been rewatching the tudors!

  4. I can't believe it's almost the holidays!!! Where did 2018 go? My neighbors have already put up their Christmas lights!!!

  5. Your pink sweater is so cute and cheerful! Did you end up dressing up for Halloween? I've never seen Ugly Betty but I've heard it's such a fun show, I need to check it out.

  6. ahh so many great things! what'd you end up going as for halloween?! Congrats on the move too! and yasss to supernatural! It's one of my faves!

  7. So exciting that you're moving to Dallas! Such a fun city :)

  8. Love the pink sweater! Dallas will be awesome! Love it there.

  9. That pink sweater is so gorgeous on you!! I love how you styled it too! Have so much fun in Dallas!

  10. That sweater is so cute - I love a good hot pink. My boyfriend and I also love watching Brooklyn 99! It always puts us in a better mood.


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