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Hey everyone! I took a little hiatus last week while I was in Atlanta, but I'm so glad to be back sharing my trip with you all today. I was there for four days, and although I did do a number of fun things, I also spent a lot of time just inside my own hotel. I say that because I was actually there for a conference being held at the hotel. I'll be sharing a little guide of all the things I got up to while in Atlanta and my thoughts on the city and all the things to do, eat, and see there!

Every so often I would accompany my mom to the TFCA (Transplant Financial Coordinator's Association) annual conference which she was the president of. This year, I went to support the TFCA, my mom, and all the people who she used to work with. Although I didn't go to any of the meetings, I did go to the social parts to visit with her old friends and colleagues. It was so nice catching up with the people who knew her and they all had some great memories of working with her. At the beginning of the conference they even held a dedication ceremony for her and her work throughout the years, which, although I didn't attend (I didn't know it was happening!) everyone said was very nice and heartfelt. They also set up a donation in her name for a cause that she supported in the past. I was there with a friend and coworker of my moms and she pointed out the sign above when walking through the conference rooms. I just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone at the TFCA this year for making me feel welcome and remembering my mom!

Now on to the more traditional travel guide...

Where To Stay

Hyatt Regency Midtown:

I only have this hotel down, because I don't want to give a review on a place I don't know about. This is where I stayed and it was great! It's in a great location in Midtown/Downtown and is walking distance from most of the great Atlanta attractions, restaurants, and shops. The staff was incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The rooms were nice, and the overall hotel was gorgeous! I unfortunately didn't take any photos of the hotel or the room, but they were great quality. They also had a few different food options for you at the hotel, including a 24 hour market where you could purchase snacks, drinks, baked goods, and some ready made meals.

Where To Eat

Mary Mac's Tea Room

This was recommended to us from one of the bellman at the hotel, and it was such a good find! We were looking for traditional southern food and this was THE spot. Everyone who we asked recommended this place and it had every southern food you could think of. Plus, the portions were huge (but the prices weren't!). The chicken breast I ordered was about the size of my fist x3. And it was so good! They give you a basket with different breads (cornbread, yeast rolls, and cinnamon rolls), a little soup made from collard greens called pot licker, and then your meal. It was such a great traditional place and was full of locals!

The Palm

So I know this is technically a chain...but it's still a great spot to eat! There are a few locations of The Palm restaurants, and they're known for their huge portions and delicious cocktails. I ordered the chicken parmesan and I'm pretty sure I got a whole chicken's worth. It's out in the Buck Head neighborhood which is about 20 minutes from downtown.


This is the rotating restaurant at the top of the Hyatt Regency hotel and it's so cool. I know they have these types of restaurants in most major cities, but it's always cool to get a great view of the city you're visiting! You get a great view of Atlanta from here and you can enjoy a few seasonal cocktails and appetizers (or a full meal if you'd like!) while you watch. I had the cheese sampler along with a peach daiquiri and it was delicious. Things are a bit pricier here, so if you're looking to save some money I would just suggest grabbing a drink!

I would have more places, but I actually ate the most meals at the conference!

Things To Do

The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is known as one of the best aquariums in the US and after visiting I can see why! It's HUGE and has so many fun shows and exhibits that you can go to. I went to the sea lion show where their rescued California sea lions show off their tricks along with their Dolphin Celebration where the trainers and dolphins work together on an incredible show! I was seriously so amazed by the dolphins, I knew they were smart, but seeing them do tricks alongside the trainers in the water was so cool and different from anything I've ever seen at an aquarium. They also had a number of other things that made the aquarium unique. They're the only place in the US where you can see whale sharks (which are enormous by the way) along with the story of how they came to the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium also had my favorite creature that I haven't seen anywhere else before....beluga whales! Anyone else listen to the 'Baby Beluga' song when they were little? It was my absolute favorite, so I was so excited to watch these cute whales play with the toys in their tank. I seriously watched them for about 20 minutes!

World Of Coca-Cola

I actually didn't know this was here until my physical therapist told me about it during one of our sessions. This, the aquarium, and the civil rights museum are all in the same little section of a park that was actually right in walking distance from the Hyatt. The World of Coca Cola is exactly that. You explore the history, the present, and the secrets behind Coca Cola and the rest of the brand. You can even meet the mascot, the Coca Cola polar bear! There's also a smaller version of the bottling factory within the museum where you can learn about and see the process for filling coke bottles. My favorite part though would be the tasting room. At the end of the museum you have the chance to taste 100+ Coca Cola products from around the world. You bet I tasted them all! Some were great, others were terrible, and some were just plain interesting. My favorite (outside of the US versions) was Thailand's Green Apple and Kiwi Fanta!

The Center For Civil And Human Rights

I was so upset that I never made it to this museum! I'm still putting it on the list of activities to do because I think it's important to see. You can take a journey through America's Civil Rights movement, look at a collection of Martin Luther King Jr artifacts and also view human and civil rights journeys throughout the globe.

Where To Shop

Ponce City Market

This is such a cool shopping place! It's an indoor-outdoor mall with a food hall inside it. There are your traditional big name stores like Anthropologie and Sephora, but there are also some smaller local stores and boutiques. I love to shop at boutiques while I travel to get things that I wouldn't necessarily find elsewhere. Although I didn't eat here at the market, I did take a look at all the restaurants, food shops, and stalls, and they all looked unique and Atlanta-based. And the food that I did see looked delicious. This would be the perfect place to spend time getting gifts for others, sampling some local food, or just shopping to your heart's content.

The Beehive Boutique

I stumbled upon this boutique with a google search and it was my favorite place I shopped! I was in the store for about two hours just looking at everything, and there is just so much to go through. The owner was so nice and talked about how she wanted to make beautiful local jewelry and goods affordable to everyone, so her and her sister made it happen with Beehive. The whole store has rented out spaces to local vendors for jewelry, bath and body products, clothes, and more. They also have an enormous sale section that is so fun to go through! I ended up purchasing a few pieces for myself and for my sister.

Young Blood Boutique

Y'all the aesthetic of this boutique was on point. So beautiful, open, and full of pretty little things. This boutique has a variety of items, but the majority that they carry is jewelry. More expensive than The Beehive, this boutique offers some more higher end local designs. I did splurge here on a beautiful opal ring that I can't wait to show you all!

I had an amazing time in Atlanta, and can't wait to go back someday! The city is so beautiful, full of life, and great people. They say everyone is moving there, and I can definitely see why.

Have you ever been to Atlanta?
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  1. Love these travel guides! My cousin lives in ATL and loves it! He moved there a few years back! I have been to Atlanta a few times but haven't done or eaten at any of the places you recommended! I will have to remember these for the next time we go!

  2. So many things to see and do there, especially around culinary always the exciting things!

  3. I have only been to Atlanta once- just for a 48 hr trip in college. I would love to go back and see more sights! My sorority is also headquartered there.

    xoxo A

  4. Atlanta was never really on the top of my travel list, but it is so cool to see all the fun entertaining stuff to do in most towns of the world. If I ever do go to Atlanta, I will be sure to check out some of your recommendations!

  5. These are fabulous recommendations! I love Atlanta but haven't been in years. I hope to change that soon.

  6. My husband and I want to visit Atlanta SO bad! Definitely keeping all of these places in mind...just in case.

  7. I love Ponce City Market!! I visited Atlanta last year and just loved it! Such a great city. That's so sweet that they honored your mom at the conference like that... I'm sure it was so meaningful.

  8. The food looks delicious. I know we would love to visit Atlanta sometime. Hopefully this place is still up when we go :)


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