How To Successfully Pitch Brands As A Blogger

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Happy Thursday everyone, sorry for the delay in posting! My internet has been all sorts of crazy these past few days, so unfortunately that meant things aren't going up on time! But, I think this post is worth the wait, especially for all you fellow bloggers out there! As you know, working as a full time blogger requires a steady stream of work. It's always great to have brands reaching out for sponsored work, however that's definitely not always the case. If I left everything up to the brands side of things, I would probably (read: definitely) be out of a job! I know that working with brands is something many bloggers aspire to do, and if you've already implemented the things that make brands want to work with you then it's time to start collaborating! I'm sharing my best tips on how to pitch yourself, plus my #1 source for learning how to successfully start partnerships.
Always Be Professional

When reaching out to brands, it's so incredibly important to keep a professional face on. Even if the response you get is not so nice (trust me, you will get some negative replies!). No matter what, thank them for their time and never burn bridges. I'm putting this tip first, because in my mind it's most important. No one gets anywhere being rude, and this is especially true in the blogging world. Blogging is all about relationships, so always be professional and polite! Along with being polite, the professionalism should also be shown through how you approach a brand. Although some brands, and even the employees themselves, portray themselves as casual or even communicate with emojis, this is still a business transaction. Remain professional, although don't be afraid to show your personality in your communication. Always gauge the situation accordingly! This also applies to how you connect with brands. I strongly recommend email as your means of connection over Instagram DM or even Instagram comments.

Approach Brands You Love

If you're pitching brands just to pitch, you're already doing something wrong. Just because you've seen other influencers work with a particular brand does not mean that they are right for you. Don't work with a brand based solely on the fact that you know they work with bloggers. That was definitely a mistake I made when I was first starting out! The first thing I tell blogger friends who want to work with brands is to reach out to companies that you already love and interact with naturally. Already use a makeup palette every day? Send an email to them and share about how much you love their product. It builds a connection, and your audience is more likely to trust your opinion if you've mentioned your previous love for that brand. It will ultimately lead to a more authentic and successful partnership!

Strategize And Know Your Worth

My best kept secret to pitching brands is also the best investment I've made in my blog: BossPitch. BossPitch is an online course that specifically teaches you how to pitch to brands and double your blogging income. And IT WORKS. Would I be sharing it with you all if I didn't believe in it? The course is taught by Erica from Coming Up Roses who has been blogging full time (and killing it!) for years now. The course covers everything from who to contact, the perfect time to send your pitch, outlines for a variety of collaborations, how to understand your worth as a blogger and get brands to respond. As much as I loved getting free product in the past, getting paid is what makes me able to do this full time. This course is all about politely pitching and getting brands to see your worth in order to have a successful paid collaboration.

As I said BossPitch is THE best investment I've made for The Classic Brunette. It's helped me to double my rates and honestly feel confident enough to stop working for free. It gives you all the steps to be successful and has an incredible amount of helpful tips, templates, guides, and so much more. A lot of other courses I've tried have been sup-bar where they tell me things I easily could have googled, but this course is the exact steps Erica has taken to skyrocket her blog and maintain an income. Before BossPitch I would almost always work with brands through networks, which not surprisingly, are almost always under your true value as a blogger. After taking the course I now work almost exclusively with brands directly through either my pitching or brands reaching out to me. I've had so many incredible collaborations after going through the course including brands that I never dreamed I could work with. Tarte, UpBra, Dove, and Sequin Jewelry are just some of the partnerships I've been able to have through the lessons I've learned in BossPitch.

I spent waaaayyyy too long working as a 'product' blogger, and undermined my own worth for years before taking this course. Even when I attempted to send out pitch emails, half the time I would never get a response! If you're tired of never hearing a 'yes' or never hearing anything at all, you're ready for BossPitch. If you're ready to finally make an income from all your hard work that doesn't solely include free product, you NEED BossPitch. If you're ready to learn about how to be successful and set you apart from others when pitching brands, this is the course for you. Don't just take my word for it though, there are so many success stories from bloggers that you can read yourself!

Have you started pitching brands? What are your tips? And if you have any questions on BossPitch I would love to answer them!
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  1. I used to be really good at pitching to brands, but I lost my momentum after a while. I've contemplated investing in a course or something similar to help me out, but it's just so nerve-wracking! I think I'll definitely try it out sometime in the future though.

  2. I love this advice! I am definitely wanting to get to a place where I can pitch to brands. Thanks a bunch for this info!


  3. Bosspitch is life changing for real! I can't believe the difference it has made in my blog.

  4. I totally agree with these tips! I wish I had refined my pitching strategy years ago- but hey, I guess we all have to start somewhere! ;)

    xoxo A

  5. I have been wanting to enroll in BossPitch for a while! It sounds awesome.

  6. Sounds like a great course! I also believe that being professional is key!


  7. This is exactly where I'm at right now! I only have limited campaigns & I'm ready to learn more and do this full time. Thanks for sharing Boss Pitch! I'm definitely going to check it out!

  8. Love this post and I couldn't agree more. Thank for sharing about Boss Pitch! Going to look into it.

  9. YES GIRL. So proud of you - you’re making it happen!!!!

  10. I am in a similar boat as you, and would love to try new things to create more value for myself as a blogger. Thanks for the advice


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