Last Minute Easter Dresses Under $100

by The Classic Brunette, 12:18:00 AM
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Hello hello friends, can you believe how fast this year is passing? It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my birthday in January and now it's almost Easter! I've been meaning to kick my butt into gear and get this post out to y'all earlier, but I've only just recently found the motivation to get to it now! If you're like me and still haven't found that perfect Easter dress well I am in the same boat, haha! BUT I've got some great picks here for all under $100 that you won't want to miss out on. My personal favorites are this white eyelet dress and the pink ruffle sleeve dress, what are your favorites? 

I actually don't have any current plans for this Sunday (although I will admit that since I'm not particularly religious the holiday is more about Easter egg hunts and Reeses chocolate eggs to me...) but I think my roommates and I might make a nice dinner for us to eat together. We only really make a meal together during Christmastime and Easter, so it's something special to me! I love sitting down with them for dinner instead of rushing through everything like every other day. Do you have any fun plans for the holiday?

5 Ways To Stay Motivated

by The Classic Brunette, 2:27:00 AM
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It's Monday, which means it's time for a little motivation to get through your week! Well, in this case, it's how to stay motivated and kick butt to get things done! Lately I've been falling into the rut of procrastination, putting things off, and overall just not feeling like working on my goals. I'm not sure if it's me possibly getting sick (let's hope not!) or if it's just one of those weeks, but either way I'm trying to stop it in it's tracks. Although I would totally label myself as Type B, there are times when I have to force myself to be Type-A, and that's usually when I really have to get things done. I'm the type of girl who certainly thrives on having a tight deadline! My best work is actually done under pressure. (Ask my friends as I constantly refer to the time when I wrote a good portion of my senior thesis in the three days before it was due and won an award for it. Procrastination is somehow my friend!) BUT many times procrastination isn't the answer, and you just have to put your nose to the grindstone and work work work! This is especially true for long term goals that can't be finished in a time crunch! Or, for everyone who is Type-A these tips will help you when you're just lacking that spark that makes you want to keep going. Here's to getting stuff done!

Goodbye Orange County, Hello....

by The Classic Brunette, 12:59:00 AM

Seattle! I've been gearing up for a big move for months, actually almost a year now, but over the last 3 months or so the location was finally picked and I'm so excited to move up to the Pacific Northwest! My best friend Steph and I are moving up there together to start our real post-grad lives.  (I'm not sure if this year really counted for me with everything being extremely chaotic and well, out of the ordinary to say the least.) I'm sharing my reasons for leaving the OC, my reasons for picking Seattle out of everywhere else, and some sneak peeks into our new apartment. I'm SO excited to share this info with you all since I've been trying to keep it on the down low for so long!

Getting Festival Ready With Babbleboxx

by The Classic Brunette, 1:08:00 AM
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Spring is nearly here! Quite honestly, because it begins tomorrow! People are starting to finally warm up, shake off the cold of the winter and get back into the swing of things. Part of that new routine means heading out to festivals and outdoor concerts! Coachella is only about a month away, and since I'm only a few hours from Indio I have a ton of friends who are gearing up for it. It's time to start thinking about how to best prepare for the fun events on your calendar, especially the ones that are outdoors! You've got to get a great fashionable look, create some flawless skin that will outlast the harsh sun, and make sure your hair can stay all day while you dance. Thankfully Babbleboxx is here with a ton of goodies to help me get prepared for all the fun!

My Spring Wish List

by The Classic Brunette, 4:41:00 PM

Spring is so close I can almost taste it! Although that might be easier to do in Southern California where the weather is always on the warmer side. I've been in an online shopping/browsing mood lately and I figured now would be the perfect time to share what's in my cart for the upcoming season. 

The Perfect Strapless Bra

by The Classic Brunette, 12:06:00 AM
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I love bras. I'm definitely one of the few women that really has a love for this particular under your clothes accessory besides its practical use. So obsessed that I have over 30 of them. Yeah, it's excessive. I love how they can be pretty, help perfect an outfit, and help make you look your best, especially for us more busty gals. But the one type of bra I've never liked? Strapless. They're uncomfortable, tight, don't give you any lift, and never stay in place. It's beyond frustrating and makes me never want to wear anything strapless again. However, that's impossible with my love for off the shoulder tops and intricately sleeved clothes (anyone else have those dresses where your bra straps always seem to show no matter what?). So what's a girl to do? Thankfully I have the solution: a strapless bra that is comfortable along with being functional AND providing great lift.

5 Things Your Blog Needs Right Now To Appeal To Brands

by The Classic Brunette, 12:00:00 AM
I've been blogging for over three years now, and one question that I continuously get asked by other bloggers is 'How can I work with brands?' Collaborating with brands is something that all bloggers (especially those in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches) aspire to do at one point or another, and there really isn't a magic formula that automatically puts you on a brand's radar. But there are a few things you can do to set your blog up so that it looks appealing to brands! I'll be sharing five simple tips that will make it easier for brands to want to reach out to you and get collaborating!