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Remember when all the bloggers were doing those 101 goals in 1001 days lists? Well I made one as well, and those 1001 days just ended on the 16th! It was so fun making that list a few years ago, and I wanted to circle back to that post to see what I accomplished and what things I didn't. I'll also be writing a new set of goals for the next 1001 days. This past year has been all sorts of challenging, and it's given me a much different perspective on life so I want to create some goals that aren't as superficial as before (although let's be honest there will still be plenty of those. I have 101 goals to come up with!)

In my last 101 in 1001 list I crossed off 67 goals. Not bad, but definitely not great. I did make it through some big ones like graduating college, adopting a cat, and buying a domain name (as well as preliminarily crossing off "move to a new city" since it's currently in the works!), and a lot of the ones I didn't end up finishing were small goals like putting all my nail polish on some app. I don't think I even touched that app after creating the list, oops! You can go ahead and look through my old goals, but here are my new set of goals! Of course there will be some silly, materialistic, trivial, etc goals, but there are also some deeper and more personal ones on this list as well.

Start Date: February 20th, 2018
End Date: November 16th, 2020

Blogging & Business

1. Collaborate with at least one dream company
2. Publish 3 How-To posts
3. Publish at least 10 outfit posts
4. Reach 20k Instagram Followers
5. Go to a blogging conference
6. Take another sponsored blog trip
7. Continue blogging twice a week consistently
8. Send at least 3 pitch emails per month
9. Transfer mailing lists to new address
10. Send thank you notes to PR reps
11. Read 3 blogging books
12. Write more personal posts
13. Go self-hosted
14. Re-design the blog
15. Be featured in a magazine

Everything else

16. Come up with 101 goals
17. Read 10 new books
18. Kiss someone on New Years
19. Have a garage sale before my move
20. Go through clothes that no longer fit
21. Get more closet 'basics'
22. Decorate my dream apartment
23. Officially move to a new city
24. Visit three new states (Oregon)
25. Wear heels more often
26. Go on more dates
27. Go to bootcamp 4x a week until the move
28. Find a new place to workout in the new city
29. Learn how to apply false eyelashes on myself
30. Make 2 new close friends
31. Get to know the neighbors in the new city
32. Train Khaleesi to get along better with Henry
33. Visit Melissa (my sister!) every few months
34. Go to a friend's wedding
35. Visit New Orleans for the third time
36. Travel to Greece
37. Invest in a little black dress
38. Invest in a great pair of jeans
39. Stick to a better budget
40. Drink only water for a month
41. Order a bigger hydroflask
42. Put $10,000 into savings
43. Try 15 new restaurants
44. Make 10 new pinterest recipes
45. Write down 'Grandma's soup' recipe
46. Finally weigh Henry (I think he's a maine coon, they can get up to 20 lbs!)
47. Send a care package to my sister
48. Take three trips with friends (New Orleans)
49. Meet up with two blogger friends
50. Find a new place to play trivia
51. Unplug for a full weekend
52. Eat at Nandos again
53. Visit Portsmouth England (where my mom was born)
54. Visit Italy again
55. Run a mile without stopping
56. Get on a better sleep schedule
57. Try Whole30 again
58. Go one month without shopping
59. Upgrade my iPhone
60. Upgrade my laptop
61. Visit DisneyWorld
62. Go on another cruise
63. Go through the stuff in grandma's garage
64. Have a white Christmas
65. Visit New York City again
66. Buy myself a LV Neverfull
67. Celebrate my parent's birthdays each year
68. Purchase Lightroom
69. Learn how to use Lightroom
70. Go through my jewelry
71. Take a staycation
72. Use my bath bombs
73. Get a tattoo (this one is only a maybe...)
74. Be a tourist in my own city
75. Learn a new skill
76. Meet my sister's cat
77. Be able to do a pushup
78. Be able to do a perfect burpee
79. Go on a wine tasting trip
80. Try 5 new foods
81. Go to another concert (Harry Styles!)
82. Find a job
83. Teach Henry a trick
84. Eat more veggies in each meal
85. Explore my new city alone
86. Do something for the transplant community
87. Do a 5k
88. Start listening to podcasts
89. Have Veronica (my mom's friend) over to my new place
90. Try to be a better texter
91. Floss daily
92. Ask Veronica to show me how to make spanish rice
93. Read 5 classic books
94. Finish watching Teen Wolf
95. Go through my parent's stuff
96. Call my grandma every few months
97. Transfer all my photos and videos to an external hard drive
98. Unsubscribe from all junk mail
99. Understand what exactly a 401k is
100. Visit Lake Tahoe and not cry because of my dad
101. Complete this list

What are your major goals for the next few years?

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  1. Exciting for starting a new list! You've got some good ones on it. I'm gearing up to start my 3rd list in April. Good luck!


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