November Instagram Roundup

by The Classic Brunette, 2:02:00 AM
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Happy Thursday friends! I can't believe it's the last day of November, this month seriously flew by! But that just means there's only one more day until the start of my favorite month, December! Anyone else get an overwhelming feeling of happiness once the Christmas lights come out and the air turns a little colder? It's the perfect time of year to snuggle up in your pjs and a soft blanket and burn your favorite seasonal candle. I seriously can't wait to start all the Christmas prep and decorating! I'll be trying to include some holiday content here on the blog and on Instagram(@samimast if you want to follow along!), but for now I thought I'd share some of what's been on my Instagram over the past month. 

Pink Ruffled Sweater + 5 Things About Me + GIVEAWAY!

by The Classic Brunette, 3:08:00 AM
Omg guys, so I tried to take photos of this outfit ASAP so that things wouldn't sell out, but...Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I had no chance. Although some things might come back in stock (the jeans definitely will!) I'm not sure some items, like the sweater, will. But I did link to similar items, so if you'd like to recreate the look there are still options! 😊  P.S. Make sure to read to the end of this post to enter in the Nordstrom giveaway!

So I wanted to take this post as an opportunity to re-introduce myself if you are new here to The Classic Brunette! Maybe you're like me and totally creep on multiple pages of a blog once you start reading them and simultaneously find out so much info about the blogger that you feel like you kinda sorta know their life story....or maybe you're a normal person and just read their blogs and don't creep like I do. Either way, no judgement! But, for those of you that don't like to read back to the early embarrassing posts, I thought I would share five things about myself so we can get to know each other a little better!

Your Guide To Black Friday Sales + Outfits/Items On Sale

by The Classic Brunette, 1:52:00 AM
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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! This year is drastically different for me with my parents not being here, but I'm still trying to make the best of things by celebrating with my sister. In a way I'm glad Thanksgiving was never a huge holiday with me and my family (we always travel instead of doing an elaborate home meal), so luckily it doesn't make things quite so hard on me emotionally. I'm instead focusing all my thoughts on Black Friday and how I can help YOU to get the best deals in store and online! Definitely a good choice if I say so myself. I've rounded up ALL THE SALES plus a few items that I've shared that are currently on sale. 

10 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care

by The Classic Brunette, 1:14:00 AM

I was planning an outfit post to go up on the blog last Thursday, but everything just kind of got the best of me at the end of last week. After everything that's happened these past few months, it's not unusual for me to just not feel emotionally sound for a little bit, and that's totally okay. I've recognized that it's fine to just take some time to myself, because my mental health (especially right now) has to come first. So I do apologize if there are a few gaps in my blogging and social media here and there! But, the main point here is that taking that little time off made me recognize how much more effort I should be putting into my own self care. This isn't only important for me though, everyone should have their own way to take care of themselves! I decided to share this post now not only because of what I've been dealing with, but because the holidays always seem to put everyone into a frenzy. Whether it's crazy family members constantly asking about your relationship, worrying about buying your friends the perfect gifts, or getting swept up in the "holiday loneliness," hopefully these self care tips will keep you a bit saner and happier during the season (and always 😊 ).

5 Things I'm Loving + Things On Sale

by The Classic Brunette, 1:30:00 AM
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Hello and happy Monday everybody! The holidays are getting so close, and I can't contain myself! I bought a trendy holiday wreath made of pom-poms today and am so excited to start decorating my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know, I know there's always a whole argument this time of year that Thanksgiving doesn't get the credit it deserves as a holiday, but in my mind the two holidays have the same decorations. So that means according to me, you should have no shame at all in putting up your decorations this early. (Or even earlier...) 

Speaking of the holidays, make sure you go and check out the first post on this year's gift guide series! It's the Gift Guide For Her For All Budgets and I've gathered so many fun items that any lady in your life will LOVE! I'll be posting a new gift guide each Saturday until the week before Christmas! Well, minus the weekend of Thanksgiving, because that's family time! Plus, you'll all be too busy shopping those Black Friday weekend sales, right? 

Anyhoo, today I just wanted to share with y'all some things I've been absolutely loving lately! I used the new poll feature on my Instagram stories to see what you all wanted to see on the blog, and this post won by a landslide! I'll definitely be using that feature more often to get your opinion, I really like getting input on what YOU like to see on the blog, and this is such a simple way to do it!I share a lot of things that I love here and on my Insta, but sometimes it's nice to share a few more details on some recent items that don't always come together in one cohesive post. Plus, these types of posts generally end up with me giving y'all a little bit of a life update as well which I personally love reading on other people's blogs!

Is that something you like too? Let me know in the comments if it is or isn't! While you're down there commenting, be sure to let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see on the blog in the coming weeks! :) 

Now for those things I'm loving!

Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas For Her For All Budgets

by The Classic Brunette, 12:31:00 PM
I'm so excited to be sharing the first gift guide in my holiday gift guide series! Y'all seemed to love when I did this last year, so I'm doing it again this year, although slightly different. Last year I had a separate gift guide for various budgets in separate posts, however this year I decided to do one post with classic "for her" gifts, and just split them up by budget on the one post. This way all of these gifts are in one place, and you don't have to wait another week or two to see posts for your budget. Hopefully it will work out better with ordering online this way so things also don't sell out! This will be my largest gift guide, but it's also the one that is likely to have things sell out first.

This specific guide is for any woman in your life, your mom, sister, bff, roommate, etc. I've gathered a pretty large variety that hopefully covers all categories (although there will be a beauty guide in two weeks, so I've left a number of those items out!). I typically like to shop at stores like Nordstrom and Amazon that have a wide range of items so I can do my shopping in one place, however I also really love Etsy for things that are more unique and personalized!

Over $100
Faux Fur Round Chair $150 | T3 Twirl Trio $289 | Pink Leather Crossbody $128 | Parka With Faux Fur Trim Hood $365 | Gold Carryon $135 | Gray Diamond Pattern Crossbody $295 | Open Circle Gold Necklace $135 | Kitchen Aid Pro 600 Mixer $499.95 | Amethyst Bookends $200 Riding Boot $320 on sale for $220 | Diptyque Set Of Mini Candles $100 | Monogram Flats $148 | Pink Nesting Jars $134 | Naughty Nice Sweatshirt $108 |

T3 Twirl Trio: If you're looking for a high end set of hair tools, T3 is the way to go! I've heard nothing but great things about this set, and if I was splurging on a gift for myself, this would be what I would get!

Parka With Faux Fur Trim Hood: This J.Crew coat has been one of their best sellers for the past few years now and it's back again! It's Italian made, and will definitely keep you warm if you have a harsh winter coming your way!

Amethyst Bookends: No matter way you slice it, amethyst is going to be pretty expensive! But if you've got the funds and you know someone who has a thing for the gem, these beautiful bookends are a great gift choice! 

Monogram Flats: I don't care what you say, monograms will always be in style to me! Monograms are so classic, and I love finding them in unexpected and cute ways. These custom flats are adorable and perfect for someone who also enjoys a good monogram.

Under $100

White 'Vintage' Pajamas: I don't know about you, but pajamas are one of my favorite things to buy for myself and for others! They're so cozy and it's something that no one really thinks to buy for themselves. I love this classic white set that has a kind of vintage feel to them!

Patagonia Pullover: I have this pullover and I am obsessed! I use it whenever I go to Lake Tahoe and I also used it when I traveled to Ireland two winters ago. It's the perfect jacket for cold weather that doesn't leave you feeling extremely weighed down.

'Booze' Decanter: This might just be my favorite item on this guide. I'm not sure why but I LOVE the look of this decanter. It's absolutely gorgeous and will look perfect on a bar cart!

Gold Glitter Flats: I have a pair of pretty similar looking flats, and constantly get questions on where I got them! Unfortunately the ones I own aren't available anymore, but lucky for y'all I found these. Get these for your glam friend who loves adding a little sparkle to her outfit!

Under $50

Gold Personality Necklace: I talked about why I love these necklaces on Instagram, but I think the concept for this company is so cool! Each necklace has a symbol that represents a personality trait, which means you have the opportunity to create a visual representation of someone's personality. I can be so amazing to see what someone else thinks of you (compassionate, confident, ambitious, etc.) when you might not have thought of it yourself! They also have bracelets if you or the one your gifting to doesn't like necklaces!

Pom Pom Slippers: Aren't these the absolute cutest? I got these about a week ago and have been wearing them all around the house, and even once outside the house when I was too lazy to put real shoes on. 😂  I think the pom poms are so fun, and make them a little bit more exciting than your average pair of slippers.

Girls Just Wanna Be CEO Tray: This little trinket tray is perfect for the girl boss in your life! She can have it as a mini catch all dish or just a place to display some cute jewelry. And at $10 it's a steal!

Hopefully this guide gives you some great items that will help kick off your gift purchasing! It's still early, so all of these items will have plenty of time to ship out before Christmas comes. If you have any specific requests for future guides, I would love to hear your thoughts so I can add extra items to the next guide! 

Sephora VIB Sale Best Picks

by The Classic Brunette, 12:00:00 AM
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It's the most wonderful time of the year...the Sephora Sale! I'm just kidding, we all know that the real most wonderful time of the year AKA Christmas is still a month away, but in the meantime we have the Sephora VIB sale, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday to carry us through until the Christmas mania really begins. (Although let's be real, I'm one of those people who starts listening to holiday music on November 1st 😉 ) I was debating on posting this, as I'm sure so many other bloggers have already covered the sale, but from polls on both Twitter and Instagram Stories it looks like you all want to see my picks anyhow! I'm sharing a bunch of different makeup categories which each have options for every budget, so this is great if you're thinking about buying some of these products as presents!

The levels of the sale vary for your Sephora account status, so here's all the information you need to know:

  • VIB Rouge: use code 20FORROUGE from 11/3-11/6 and again 11/10-11/15 for 20% off
  • VIB: use code 20FORVIB from 11/10-11/15 for 20% off
  • Beauty Insider: use code INSIDER15 from 11/10-11/15 for 15% off

So even if you haven't spent enough this past year to be VIB, you can still get 15% off your purchases! Check out all my best picks below, all with their prices BEFORE the sale (meaning it's even cheaper than I listed it!).