My Last Post As An Official College Blogger

by The Classic Brunette, 4:00:00 AM
As some of you may know, I've been pretty busy recently. So busy that I missed a whole week of blogging! Last weekend I graduated college and that took up pretty much all of my free time. The whole weekend pretty much went by in a blur as it was spent with friends and family celebrating. I decided that it was important to not stress about providing blog posts for that week as I wanted to focus all my attention on this once in a lifetime event.

I went to two graduation events during the week/weekend: the Baccalaureate Service and my actual graduation! The Baccalaureate Service is something hosted by my school's interfaith center and the guest speaker this year was Justin Baldoni from the tv show Jane The Virgin! I'm a huge fan of the show so immediately after I saw that he was the speaker I reserved my tickets. I wasn't sure exactly what the event would be like, but I figured it was all worth it to see Justin Baldoni who is such an inspirational person outside of his show. I realized during the event that it was pretty religious (hence the phrase 'interfaith service'...) and even though I'm not really a religious person it was a nice break from all the graduation chaos. Justin's talk didn't focus on religion as much, but rather failure and realizing that there's more to life than being perfect. He spoke about being a good person and how that is the most important thing you can do for the world. Of course it was a little more eloquent than that, but those were his main points! Justin is literally such a beacon of light and his words were super inspiring.

Literally his inner light was so bright that all my photos with him were so overexposed that I had to change them to black and white, haha!

My graduation was a few days after and was surprisingly quick! My college's ceremony was at 8am on Sunday and although it was rough getting up early, I'm glad we skipped the heat! I want to say the ceremony lasted about an hour and a half, and then I went to one of the main lawns on campus and took photos with some friends and professors! Below are my best friend/roommate and then one of my favorite professors!

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Anyhoo, the main point of this post is to point out the obvious...that I'm no longer a college blogger. *sad face* So this is my last official post as a true college blogger. (Even though technically I'm already a graduate, but we'll just push that little fact to the side for now...) Of course that doesn't mean that I'll stop talking about college things altogether, but like I've been trying to do these past few months, I will be transitioning more into a full fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. I'll still be writing college themed posts when they come to mind, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up!

Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day Weekend and are spending time with family and remembering those that have served and sacrificed for our country!