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Hello friends, I hope your week is off to a good start! Today I wanted to do a fun introductory post since there are so many new readers here lately that probably don't know a lot about me! A friend of mine just did this on her blog (Cristina from Cristina Was Here) and I thought it was the perfect way to get acquainted with all of you. Whether you're new to The Classic Brunette or have been reading here for a while I hope you can learn something new and relatable about me!

1. I have an older sister named Melissa and we ALWAYS get asked if we're twins. Literally I don't think there's been a time when we've been together in the past few years where we haven't been asked that. 

2. I had scoliosis back surgery the summer before I entered my freshman year of high school. So I now have two rods in my back and a long scar all the way down my spine.

3. I don't really have a favorite color. In the past every time someone asked me what it was I would say something different. Now I normally stick with gold or blush pink because those are the closest. 

4. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan. I have a few of his movie collections and people say I'm weird for it. But don't get me wrong, I know he isn't great in everything! (Hello, have you seen the disaster that was Jack and Jill??)

5. If I'm at a restaurant I will most likely order a Diet Coke. I'm trying to get rid of my addiction to it, but so far it's not working.

6. My favorite artist is a band called The Maine who I've been listening to since I was in middle school. I've seen them in concert and met them twice.

7. Close behind them are (in no particular order) John Mayer, Elvis Presley, One Direction, Michael Buble, and Justin Timberlake.

8. I'm kind of obsessed with throw pillows. I currently have 10 in my bedroom.

9. My favorite Disney movie is Hercules, however my favorite Disney character is Peter Pan.

10. When I was younger I took jazz and tap classes, and I will be the first to admit that I have absolutely no rhythm. (There are home videos to prove this.)

11. I was in musicals all throughout middle school. These are the ones I was in: The Music Man, Beauty & The Beast, Fiddler on the Roof, and Guys & Dolls.

12. In high school I was on the varsity tennis team, although I wasn't all that good in my opinion.

13. I am an expert at solving riddles.

14. My first real concert (and I say this because technically my first concert overall was Barney & Friends...) was Hilary Duff. She was my idol when I was growing up. I had a bunch of Lizzie McGuire posters, a Lizzie McGuire backpack, and all her CD's. 

15. My favorite movie of all time is Bride Wars, although I really only watch it now when I'm in need of some feel good emotions.

16. I have a lot of fears, although my worst ones are ketchup and the ocean. When I was younger I couldn't even touch ketchup bottles I was so grossed out by them. To this day I can barely touch pictures of the ocean/bodies of water because it freaks me out. (I know.)

17. My mom's side of the family is english and every time I tell someone that my mom is from there they ask if she has an accent. The answer is no since she moved when she was younger, however my grandma did! 

18. Speaking of my grandma, my family says I act just like her. I think it's because we both have the same level of stubbornness. It's one of my favorite things when someone says we're a lot alike. 

19. My favorite city in the entire world is Rome. Although I could never live there because I would probably get tired of Italian food. This happened when I studied abroad there for two weeks and was craving anything but pasta after one week. 

20. I was born with red hair, which then turned blonde, and eventually turned into the brunette color I have now. Before I died my hair red (a few years ago) I had a small streak of blonde at the front of my hair that I was exceptionally proud of for some reason.

21. In elementary school my friends and I were so obsessed with high school musical that we coordinated a dance to "Bop to the Top" for the school's talent show. It involved black and white striped tops, black gaucho pants, and desk chairs to stand on.

22. I have a soft spot in my heart for Phil Collins, The Who, and Elvis because they were what I always listened to growing up. 

23. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby. The only thing I really liked about the new movie adaptation was Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of Gatsby.

24. I was/am so obsessed with Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology that I desperately wanted to learn ancient Greek. I settled for modern Greek and was learning it for a while in high school. I have the rosetta stone program for it and hope to get back into learning it after I graduate college. 

25. I believe black cats are lucky, and have only owned all black or mostly black cats.

26. The proudest I've ever been of myself was after the Cinque Terre hike I did in Italy. I was ill prepared since I wore a dress, didn't bring any water, and was wearing vans. It was a rough day and I was so glad I made it all the way through.

27. Ben Franklin is my favorite historical person. I have a sweatshirt that has "B. Frank" embroidered on the sleeve to represent my love for him.

28. I was a baby/toddler model. I had an ad on a bus, was on the cover of Mervyns (now out of business department store chain) magazine, and had many print ads. I would travel to San Francisco a lot for modeling jobs. The only thing I remember from those days was that there was a fountain of jean buttons at Levi's headquarters and every time I had a job there I would take some and give them to my mom. I still have all the buttons I took.

29. Speaking of stealing, I stole my favorite stuffed animal from my dentist's office when I was about 2. There was a playroom at the entrance which they kept filled with stuffed animals, and I just decided to take her one day. Her name is Jenna and she's a small giraffe.

30. Since it's relevant, giraffes are my favorite animal.

31. My initials are S. A. M. I think that's pretty cool.

32. When someone else is sick, I always end up catching it. Some of my friends joke that I spend more of my time being sick than being healthy.

33. I cannot stand bugs, but if there's one in the house I would rather have someone take it outside than kill it. 

34. I have been to 12 countries.

35. I believe that Boy Meets World is one of the best television shows to ever exist.

36. I am not good at riding bikes. Every time I try I end up injuring myself. 

37. I do not like the beach. This partially has to due with my fear of the ocean, but it's mostly because I cannot stand sand or accidentally touching washed up kelp. 

38. When I was deciding where to go to school I was between Chapman University (where I am), Boston University, and NYU. I would have 100% gone to NYU had I gotten into the program I wanted, however I was placed into another one. 

39. I have a weird obsession with the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Let's refer back to my love for all things Greek. 

40. Back to Greece, according to my ancestry DNA test that I recently took I am 11% Greek/Italian so I now obviously feel like my obsession is justified.

41. The movie theater is my happy place. It's my go to spot when I'm having a bad day or just want to have some alone time, and I really enjoy seeing movies by myself.

42. If you told me I had to choose between sweet or savory foods I would choose savory.

43. I've had the same roommate all throughout college. We've added and taken away others, but my freshman year roommate has been here all 4 years! This will be our last year together since she'll be leaving after graduation and I'll be staying another year in the area.

44. I will ALWAYS find the show Impractical Jokers funny. Even if I've seen the same episode multiple times.

45. One of my favorite movies when I was younger was The Little Vampire, and I still have the latin speech in the movie memorized.

46. I have a gigantic fear of public speaking. We have to give a presentation of our thesis for my major in a few weeks and I'm terrified.

47. I am a crazy cat lady. If I could I would adopt all the shelter cats and give them a home.

48. I don't call my sister by her actual name. I gave her the nickname Pa (pronounced Puh) after a series of other nicknames that let up to it. (Melissa -> Melippa -> Ipa -> Pa). My friends and sometimes my parents will call her Pa too. 

49. I've had a few different types of pets in my life. I've always had cats, but at times I've had a rat, fish, and hamsters. And if you count my roommate's dog, a dog haha.

50. I love filling out questionnaires, so much so that I used to fill them out for fun all the time. I also love reading other people's answers! 

If you relate to any of these I would love to know in the comments! Also tell me something about yourself, I want to know all about you! And if you have anything you're dying to know about me you can ask those questions in the comments too!
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  1. i have a few people named "Benjamin Franklin" (where "Franklin" is the middle name) in my family tree. Sadly, old B.Frank isn't in there himself, or at least i haven't found him yet

  2. Love these little facts! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lee Anne

  3. My favorite artist is Michael Buble! I did a similar post with 10 fun facts about me: https://abbyrasmussen.com/home/10-things-to-know-about-me. Loved this list!

  4. Wow how cool that you have been to 12 countries! I loved reading this

  5. I am also a crazy cat lady. Very cool that you have been to 12 countries.

  6. I hate public speaking so much. I feel for you. You'll do a great job though!

  7. Aww Sami! Great list! First of all, I LOVE Adam Sandler. Happy Gilmore FO' LIFE!! Rome is one of my favourite cities too! It steals my heart each time I visit. My favourite city is my birthplace though - London. The best!

    I concur - Phil Collins is amazing. S-s-sudioooo! And I can totally see you being a model. You are totally adorable. ;o)

  8. I'm a big cat person too! I've had tons of cats throughout my life and each of them has had some sort of disability (a 90 degree angled tail named Milo, cross eyed kitty named Snuggles, a neurologic head twitch named Smelly Rat lol). I don't know why I just have always had weird cats!

  9. This is too cute! Love all these. :)

    Alix | www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

  10. What countries have you been to?


  11. I enjoyed learning more about you! Fun questionnaire!

  12. I think this is such a fun way for your audience to get to know you on a personal level. Fun 50 facts!!


  13. I love this! Such a fun idea, thanks for sharing :)

  14. Love learning more about it and am planning on a post like this soon. And I love my big day greek wedding!!

  15. Such a phone post! I have the same problem with throw pillows, way too many!

  16. Such a cool post and I am the same way with pillows haha!

  17. this is such a great idea!! I don't even think i know 50 facts about myself to compile my own post...haha. Love it though it's such a great way for your readers to get to know you better!
    xo, Stefanie / Accordingtoblaire.com

  18. Love this post, lady! I don't think I could come up with 50 facts about myself if I even tried!

    Rachel / www.helloher.co

  19. love this post idea!!! So fun. learned so many things! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Loved getting to learn more about you :) Fact 21 made me smile! I LOVED High School Musical!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  21. It's neat to learn more about people, awesome that you could dig all of this out of you!


  22. I am also terrified of public speaking. I honestly can't think of anything scarier, and I avoid it at all costs! Loved learning more about you!



  23. Yes to throw pillows and Phil Collins! LOL I loved this post and learning more about you!

    xo, Sara


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