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Monday, February 13, 2017

Favorite Candles For The Home

I am a candle addict. Candles are one of those things that I know I don't need any more of, yet I still keep buying them. They're great when you want to buy yourself a little something, but they're great for giving as gifts as well. I love having a candle burning when I'm doing homework, when I'm watching tv in my room, or basically any time. There really isn't any bad time to burn a candle, well, unless you're asleep and not watching it. You never know when something may catch fire so I always recommend being fully conscious when burning my candles. 😂  In all seriousness though, please don't set your house on fire. 

I've gone through many candles, and have ones that I am constantly going back to because they are just that good! I'm not horrendously picky when it comes to candles, but I do have a few things I look for when choosing out a new one. I want it to be long lasting, so I don't have to replenish it too often and have it be a burden. I also want it to smell good (duh!) and have a strong enough scent that I don't have to be right next to it in order to smell it. That's essentially it! Like I said, I'm not all that picky, so I'll go through a variety of different scents depending on my mood and won't limit myself to just one type. Although I am typically drawn to sweeter scents such as vanilla or my absolute favorite buttered rum (that I can no longer find!), you'll also find me burning more earthy, spiced scents when the mood strikes.

Here are some that are constantly burning in my home!

I recently got this Glade Free Coconut and Beach Woods candle in my January Popsugar Must Have Box, and I'm loving the scent it has! It has a strong coconut smell, but there's hints of beach wood, making it smell like an island paradise. It has a great lasting scent, and is perfect when I want to pretend I'm having a little escape.

My favorite candle on the planet, however is the Pink Sands scent from Yankee Candle. It honestly smells like what pink starburst candy (aka the best flavor) tastes like. It's very sweet, but with a little bit of a punch, and I'd imagine this is what heaven smells like. It's the perfect candle for Spring, as it's fun, vibrant, and delicious smelling. I love this scent so much I actually have it as an air freshener in my car as well!

Another favorite of mine is a decor piece and candle combined, the Golden Pineapple! I found this in target a while ago and thought it would be a cute decoration for my room, and thought I broke it in half when I realized it was actually a candle. Bonus! The scent is very light and almost citrusy. Weird, because you would think it would be pineapple scented, right? This one is great if you just want a very minimal scent that isn't overwhelming. I also love that even after I use this candle up I can make another use out of it somehow for decoration or even small storage.

My favorite earthy scent right now is the Lush Amazon scent from the signature soy candles line at Target. This particular line of candles always has such unique and fresh smelling scents that I enjoy! This one is no different and gives off that post rain smell. Essentially the smell after you walk outside after a rainstorm, it smells so fresh! This is a perfect cleansing scent, again if you just want something to keep your room smelling nice but isn't too overpowering. Also, these candles are only $5 or $10 depending on the size you get, it's such a steal!

Lastly, I really enjoy my Voluspa Gardinia Colonia candle that I received as a gift from one of my roommates last Christmas. It's got hints of coconut, but has a strong floral undertone that has a nice relaxing effect on me when I burn it. This is a candle I like to burn right before bed so that I can get in a peaceful mood and clear my thoughts. It's sweet without being obnoxious, and not too flowery that I feel overwhelmed. 

What are your favorite candles?


  1. These candles are lovely! The photos in this post are incredibly beautiful :) I think I'll have to go light my candles now! Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers, Mary Jane

  2. I love the candle that smells like Anthropologie.

    1. Oh I haven't tried that one! I don't have an Anthro super close to me so I'll to check it out next time I stop by!

  3. Yesss pink sands is one of my go to candles!

  4. I'm not overly fond of sweet/tropical smelling candles, but they are always so pretty! I should try the Lush Amazon or Gardinia candles!

  5. Im a candle addicted too. Gonna give some of your faves a try. I love the anthropologie volcanos...creates the most relaxing vibe to have the candles going. Love this post!

  6. I love candles! I usually get mine from Bath and Body Works haha.

  7. As much as I love Target, I have never looked at their candles. I normally buy my candles at Bath and Body Works.

  8. That pineapple candle is so lovely,i had a couple of tinned candles and the smell was amazing,it was around the time of the royal wedding Kate and William, i remember it had the British flag on and London bus, its a company and i cannot remember for the life of me what the name was. So annoying.

  9. I love satsuma and anything grapefruit. Also clean smells - the ocean, fresh linen, etc. Yankee Candles are amazing. I have plenty of them around the house lol


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