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Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Ways To Save Time And Simplify Your Life

School has finally started for me! It's weird thinking that today is my last first day of school EVER. I only have a few more months to go and then I'm a real adult (kinda). Since I'm still getting back in the swing of things, I really need to get myself into a schedule that will help me be more productive and use my time efficiently. I thought all you students out there are probably in the same boat, so here are my ways to save some time and simplify your schedule!

1. Plan Outfits Ahead Of Time
I know it's sometimes fun to play dress up in the morning before work or class, but sometimes it just eats away at all your free time. This happened to me a lot last semester, and there were a lot of days where I ended up running out the door without eating breakfast or feeling way too crushed for time. Planning out your outfit the night before can take the struggle out of your morning and let you enjoy that morning coffee or your extra minutes of 'me time.' Normally when I do this I plan only one outfit, but I have friends who sometimes plan their whole week's worth of outfits! This also works well for packing your school or work bag the night before so you don't forget something important.

2. Learn To Make One Good Meal
Are you constantly asking yourself "What should I eat?" or saying "Ugh I don't know what to make for dinner." Yeah, me too. I've learned that if you have one meal that you know how to make really well that's simple (I'm definitely not talking about a five course dinner here) it can turn into the perfect go to meal. It doesn't matter if it's a delicious gourmet grilled cheese or a crockpot dump meal that cooks itself, as long as it's delicious and easy. The only issue with this one is that you may get tired of your tried and true meal, but that's when you search Pinterest for your next recipe to master...

3. Meal Prep
Still struggling to find time for food? Don't have time to put together a meal? That's what meal prep is for! When I meal prep I like to plan my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the entire week and cook as much as possible. I put each meal into a tupperware so it's ready to go for whatever I have planned that day. I like to have a few options for each meal of the day (so I don't get bored of the food!) and it works out great for those weeks where it feels like you can't catch a break.

4. Stock Up On Essentials
It doesn't seem like such a time saver, but it definitely is in the long run. This way you aren't taking multiple errand trips a month to get things you constantly need. This includes everything from toiletries like toilet paper and hair care products, and cleaning supplies.

5. Map Out Your Errands
Don't feel like driving back and forth and wasting gas? Run your errands in order of where the destinations are. Seems like a simple tip, but it's easy to forget when you head out the door. Write down all your locations before you go and figure out which route will be easiest. Always leave the grocery store for last though!

6. Break Up Big Projects Into Manageable Pieces
Again, this is great if you're struggling for long periods of time to work on assignments. If you have a few weeks before an assignment is due, you can do work in small intervals to make the work more manageable. Even if you're only taking 20 minutes a day to work on a 10 page paper, that's still a lot of work that's getting done! 

7. Ask Your Friends For Help
I've stressed this in other posts before, but it's okay to ask for help when you're overwhelmed!! Forgot a notebook at home and are freaking out that you don't have time to grab it and make it to class on time? Ask a roommate if they would mind picking it up for you if they have time. Don't forget to return the favor though!

8. Make Lists
I make tons of lists. It's my number one way of remembering what I have to get done, where I have to go, and practically everything else. It honestly saves me tons of time because I tend to easily forget things! For example I make detailed grocery lists to save myself from taking multiple trips to the store. (a huge waste of time!)

9. Sleep-In Hairstyles
One of my favorite ways to style my hair without doing much effort is to braid it while damp and go to sleep. I wake up with nice waves and it literally took 10 seconds. There are a lot of great tutorials on Pinterest for sleep in curls and waves that take no time at all! 

10. Try Eating Foods That Improve Focus And Concentration
Just like eating certain foods can improve your health or overall demeanor, there are certain foods that can help aide in concentration and focus. Here are a few you might want to try: blueberries, green tea, avocados, dark chocolate, leafy greens, and nuts. Although every person reacts to things differently, it could be worth it to test out some of these foods just in case it helps you get in a productive mood! 

What are your favorite time saving tips?


  1. If I plan out my day, I'm way more productive. It helps me know what I need to get done.

  2. My mat leave ends in a few weeks, so these tips will definitely be needed for when I head back to work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are great tips! I really need to plan my errands! I often find myself driving around in circles or coming home from running errands with one or two things forgotten. Its the worst!

  4. I've been meal prepping and it changes everything!
    Xox, Rebekah

  5. Agreed with meal prepping for sure! Kind of stinks when you're actually doing it but it pays off! and I didn't know certain foods can help you concentrate! and I love all of those on the list so perfect! Thanks for sharing this, loved it!

  6. I literally have lists for everything! I have a list app on my phone and I also have lists on my desk haha I would never get anything done without them.

  7. Those are great tips! I do most of these, but need to get back into doing some sleep in hairstyles.

    Xo Jannine |

  8. Definitely making a to-do list for the day and the week! Also, meal prepping makes such a difference in terms of eating healthy in a pinch! Yes!

  9. Outfit planning is my fave! lol.

    Alix |

  10. Great tips! I'm definitely a fan of planning out outfits and wearing sleep-in hairstyles!

  11. These are some easy ways to make the most of your time. I need to meal plan and get my clothes ready in advance.

  12. Great tips! I always try to plan out my wardrobe, I'm never in the same mood the next day.

    Chelsea -

  13. These are such great tips! I really need to start planning out my outfits for the week. It would help me stop rushing in the morning!

  14. SUCH good tips!! I really need to start planning my outfits, it would make my mornings so much easier haha!

  15. These are great tips that I'm going to start implementing immediately! Thanks.

  16. These are great tips! I definitely find laying out my clothes the day before saves me so much time!

  17. This post gave me the mid-week motivation I needed! Great post!

    xo, Sara


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