The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for 2016

by The Classic Brunette, 6:00:00 AM
Most people are out of school or are just about to finish, so it's time to hit the beach, the pool, or if you're like me, snuggle up on my couch to watch some well deserved feel-good movies and just relax for a little while. My summer won't all be spent relaxing and having fun, though, since I'll be starting work on June 20th (I'm working in the Finance Department at Stanford Hospital. I know. Me? Finance? I hope that works out!) and will have to squeeze all my fun into these first couple weeks and fill my weekends with these activities that I've gathered below! This post is similar to my Fall Bucket List Post that people really seemed to love, so I thought I would make one for Summer!

If you're a blogger and you made a Summer bucket list of your own I would love to see what activities y'all came up with, so please link your posts in the comments! I'm always looking for a new adventure or thing to try, hence why cooking a Pinterest recipe and completing a DIY project are my favorite things on this list!

What are your plans for summer?

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