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Monday, March 21, 2016

Blogging Tips From Gossip Girl

If you haven't seen Gossip Girl, then you haven't lived. I joke, but seriously it's a great show if you love drama, great clothes, and New York City. I love the show, but when I started blogging, I realized how great of a blogger Gossip Girl actually was. Looking back on the show for the 4th time watching it through (no shame!) it's obvious that a lot can be learned about Gossip Girl's blogging methods, so here are a few of my favorite tips that I've learned from the show!

Know Your Audience 

Gossip Girl has her audience completely defined. As it says in the opening credits, it's "Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite," so her audience is gossip loving teens and young adults based in New York City. What you can take from this is that your blog should fall into a specific audience or niche, and your posts should be relevant to your audience in order to keep them interested in your writing.

Update Consistently

Gossip Girl updates what seems like every five minutes on the show. You definitely don't have to post that often, but maintaining a consistent schedule that your followers know will help bring them back to your blog for every new post. During the times where Gossip Girl stopped updating, she became more and more irrelevant, and people stopped following her. Keeping to a schedule will not only help your followers keep updated on when you will put out a new post, but it helps you as a blogger to stay on track! If you have a posting schedule set, you'll be more inclined to get things down before that deadline. 

Have a Bomb Email List

It seems like Gossip Girl's updates get sent out to everyone's phones, which means she obviously has a great email subscription list! (Btw you can sign up for my email updates in my sidebar!) It's important to have this feature in your blog because it means people can read your blog wherever they have email, and don't need to be on your actual blog to see your content. 

Have a Consistent Voice

Have you noticed that the style of Gossip Girl's writing never changes? It's always sassy, playful, a little snarky, and downright honest. Maintaining a consistent writing voice is key to a successful blog! No one wants to read a blog that is unpredictable, especially concerning writing. If one post is full of swearing and all caps lock and the next one is sweet and full of compliments and "y'alls" you aren't going to understand where this blogger is coming from.

Reference Others In The Community

I'm not saying to go spilling the secrets of everyone you know, but that you should mention others who are relevant to you. This could mean mentioning an interview another blogger in your niche did that you loved, sharing a great post from a blogger friend who's just starting out, or talking about a few of your friends in one of your own posts. Whoever you mention, be sure to let them know that you appreciate them or are speaking about them, and most likely they'll take the time to thank you or share your thoughts with their readers. (which means more readers for you!)

Have you learned anything about blogging from Gossip Girl or any other TV show? 


  1. Love these tips! What a fun twist to the blogging tips! :)

  2. What a great post! I LOVE GG! I agree with each, especially updating consistently. It's so important!

  3. I never really watched GG but love the connections you pulled from it!

  4. Hey girie! I share your love and blogging tips from gg! Great post, cute.

  5. This is so cute! I love this post idea! And everything is so so true!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  6. This is such a fun post idea!! It makes me want to watch GG!

    xo Ashley

  7. Hehe I've never thought about what I could learn from Gossip Girl but I will admit it is one of my favorite shows. I watch it ALL the time on netflix. #NoShame

  8. This is fantastic! GG is the best and who knew they would give fantastic tips! May need to watch the series again... for maybe the 7th time.. oops!

  9. This was such a fun post! I love Gossip Girl....I've seen every episode a million times ;) :)


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  10. I love GG! These are great tips! I really need to set up an email list for my blog

  11. This post idea is the cutest. You're making me want to watch GG for the 4th time.

    xoxo, Jenny

  12. I really need to make a email list!!!
    Miss Olivia Says

  13. I love these tips! Knowing your audience is so important. I'm constantly checking out my Google analytics and creating reader surveys so that I know who's reading. It's so helpful in creating awesome content :)

  14. I absolutely love Gossip Girl and I absolutely loved this post. This is seriously too perfect and totally true on each level! (And definitely makes me want to rewatch the entire series!)

    Pick Your Beau

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