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Friday, January 22, 2016

Things To Do In London + Pictures!

If you haven't seen any of my Instagram posts recently, or haven't been reading my tweets for the past month or so, you may not know that I just went to London for a two week long study abroad trip! My last post was on Ireland and Scotland, the two places I went before beginning my class on Harry Potter, so check it out if you haven't read it yet!

I was going to split London into two separate posts, just like I did when I went to Rome (1/2), but decided that I will already have enough travel posts for you all to read through.

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A must do while in London, we visited Buckingham Palace where I waited to find Prince Harry, since we're obviously going to get married soon.

St. Paul's Cathedral is another great place to visit! It was huge and beautiful, and I highly recommend going on one of the guided tours there. These are a set of stairs in St.Paul's Cathedral where they filmed Harry Potter! They can be seen when the students are walking up to Divination class.

This is a picture of St.James park near Buckingham palace, be sure to stay away from the geese as they get a little aggressive! Although, if you're lucky you'll see a few swans swimming out on the lake. Fun fact, all swans are owned by the Queen!

The Roman Baths in Bath were spectacular. If you have a day to get out of the city of London, take a short(ish) train ride to Bath Spa and go visit them!

Big Ben and the London Eye are so much bigger than I expected! Unfortunately the London Eye was closed for refurbishment, so I couldn't go on it, but it was still very cool to see. Big Ben was stunning, and was just a short tube ride away from where we stayed.

Westminster Abbey is incredibly breathtaking. When you enter the halls surrounding it you almost feel like you're in an outdoor scene at Hogwarts, but the actual Cathedral(Church? I'm actually not sure which it is) is stunning.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures from my trip! Have you ever been to London? If you haven't, what's your favorite place that you've traveled to?

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