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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best Purchases of 2016

It's almost the end of 2016! Thank god, am I right? It seems like this year has gone on forever, and not exactly in the best way. There's definitely been some up and downs, but I'd personally like to focus on the positives! I thought I would start that off by sharing all of my favorite purchases of 2016, which means this post is going to be a wee bit long. If something I love is no longer available, I either didn't include it (like my favorite booties I scored in September 😢 ) or shared a dupe! I'll be going into more detail about a few items from each category just to tell you a bit more about why it made my favorite purchases list. Let's get started!
Forever 21 V-Neck Sweater |  VS Lace Bralette | Plaid Sleep Shirt (My favorite PJs!) | Vigoss Jeans | ASOS Black Off The Shoulder Dress | VS Sports Bra | Target Cardigan (On Clearance!) | Floral Romper (My exact one is no longer available!) | VS Mesh Leggings |

Forever 21 V-Neck Sweater: Ever since I bought this sweater back in October I've been wearing it non-stop. It's so comfortable, and perfect for the "California winter." It's warm when I want it to be, and works great if I want to add a coat or puffer vest on top. Plus it's so soft!

VS Lace Bralette: Okay, so I recognize that most of the items in this section are actually from Victoria's Secret, but I can't help it. I might just have a problem with spending once I step in that store. This is actually the first bralette I've ever purchased. I've wanted one for a long time, but nothing I had tried on beforehand was supportive or pretty enough! This one brings enough support, is gorgeous on, and is so dang comfortable!!

Plaid Sleep Shirt: Y'all have seen me wear this sleep shirt everywhere. I've worn it in blog posts, and Instagram posts alike, and I'm never going back. If you weren't aware, sleep shirts are my pajama of choice. I just find them more freeing, haha. This is the best one I've found, and I'm seriously debating getting it in a few more colors/patterns. The classic VS pink stripe one is calling my name!

Target Cardigan: Buy this before it's gone!! I was on the search for the perfect knit cardigan, and I found it. It's so cozy, and a perfect way to add a layer of warmth. The only negative thing I have to say about it is I wish it had pockets!
Blanket Scarf | Converse Slip Ons | Cotton On Aviators (Less than $10!) | Kinsley Armelle Druzy Ice Bracelet (Use my code SAMIMAST15 to get 15% your purchase at Kinsley Armelle!) | Kinsley Armelle Spiked Bracelet (looks exactly like the Stella & Dot one, but WAY cheaper!) | Kinsley Armelle Pink BraceletMarble & Gold Laptop Case | Monogram Necklace | Kate Spade Card Holder Wallet | Kendra Scott Earrings | Clog Heels (Mine aren't online, very similar!) | Kate Spade Black Tote | Gatta Camera Bag | VS Slippers | Kendra Scott Bracelet | JORD watch | Nike Sneaker (same style) |

Blanket Scarf: I've had blanket scarves before, but this neutral one is PERFECT. It goes with so many outfits, and it's just so stinkin' cute! How could it not make this list?

Converse Slip Ons: Y'all, I am so lazy when it comes to shoes. If they take to long too lace up, buckle up, etc. I am not about it. These look like I actually put effort in, and they're so dang comfy. While making this post I realize they now also come in black, so I might have to buy those as well!

Kinsley Armelle Bracelets: I am so happy I found Kinsley Armelle this year. Their jewelry is so gorgeous and incredibly well priced. I have a few bracelets, and a pair of earrings from them so far, but I have a few other pieces on my wishlist like this turquoise bracelet and these pineapple earrings! If you find something you like, don't forget to use my code SAMIMAST15 for 15% off your entire purchase!

Kate Spade Card Wallet: This isn't the exact one I have, this one's actually cuter with the scalloped edge! I got my card holder at the Kate Spade outlet and it's not online anywhere. It's been so useful, especially when my family and I take trips to the casino and I don't want to bring my whole purse.(aka I don't want to lose all my money lol) It's also great if I'm headed out for a girls night and only want to take the essentials!

Marble & Gold Laptop Case: I've wanted this case for over a year now, and finally got it for Christmas! My old marble case, the one in many of my Instagram photos, was completely dead and broken, and it was long overdue to be replaced. This one is on the more expensive side, but I know other bloggers who swear by it's durability! Also, its so gorgeous.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: I got this as a sample when buying some other items from Urban Decay and fell in love. As much as I love drugstore mascaras, if I had to splurge a little I would go with this one. It separates each lash, elongates them, and gives them so much volume. I normally have to layer three different mascaras to get the look that this mascara gives me!

Benefit Gimme Brow: I love the entire Benefit brow collection. I'm kind of just a little bit obsessed with it because it makes my eyebrows look like they're professionally done. The combo of all three of the items listed is my go-to brow routine, and I'm never looking back.

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin Nails Vitamins: You have probably never met anyone with flakier nails than me. They're so bad that my roommate knew that whenever I got out of bed in the middle of the night it would be to go clip my nails because they would just break off practically every night. I've been searching for a solution to fix this, and so far these have been doing the trick. I'm still in the process of using them, but things are looking up!

Alright, I think I've made this post long enough! I was going to add in home and miscellaneous categories as well, but didn't want y'all getting bored! So I just decided to add those in a widget below that you can check out if you want. :)

I'm dying to try some new products/items in 2017, so let me know what your favorite purchases this year are in the comments below!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Spa Thyme Bath & Body Products

Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully you spent the day making some wonderful memories with loved ones, eating some delicious food, watching Christmas movies, and hopefully you got at least a few things from Santa as well. ;) My family likes to watch the 24 hour loop of A Christmas Story all day and see how long we can stand it, haha. We made it through about 7 cycles of the movie this year! We opened some presents, visited a few relatives, and spent the whole day cooking; such a great way to spend the holiday!

No matter how fun the holidays are though, they're always pretty hectic and draining as well. As a pretty introverted person, all the social interaction gets me a little frazzled. Add in the extra stress of last minute gift shopping and tons of food prep and I'm tuckered out. What I love to do to relax after all the holiday activities is take a day to really pamper myself. 

I mentioned Spa Thyme's products in last week's Along Came A Box post, and was excited to work with Nancy, the owner, on a post all about her products! She was nice enough to send me some of her fun spa products, that are all gourmet-food themed!

As you all know, I'm a sucker for homemade bath and body products, especially at such a great price as Spa Thyme's! Most items in her store are $15 or less, which is such a great deal for the quality of these products. I think we all have staples in our beauty and skincare routines, and products like these are always in rotation for me! Everyone needs some nice spa items tucked away for when you're in need of some "me time," and these ones are perfect for the budget gal like me. If you watched my Instagram story (stories? I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to call it!) a little while ago you saw me share what I got in my package from Spa Thyme, but here's all the deets just in case you didn't catch it! 

I'm just a little bit obsessed with how cute these all are. I mean look at those Frosted Cranberry Sugar Scrubs! They look like little pink truffles, and they smell like a dream.

This is the first thing I saw when opening my Spa Thyme package, and I was so excited to try these out! They're my favorite color and they're just plain adorable, so naturally it was love at first sight. These are made with a few different natural oils including olive oil and coconut oil, as well as shea butter so you know these work amazingly well. One is the perfect size for a single wash, and you end up smelling like sweet cranberries in the end! Plus it gives my skin a nice exfoliating scrub while moisturizing at the same time, and who the heck doesn't like that feeling?!

Once again, my obsession with lip balm continues! Peppermint is such a classic flavor, and it's always a favorite of mine. It literally makes my lips feel minty fresh, and it always feels so nourishing when I put it on. I put this on after using a lip scrub to really buff out my lips and renew their moisture. I have extremely dry lips in the winter, to the point where they start cracking over night, so this stuff is great for healing them. I used this a lot during finals week, and it transformed my lips! Although I still suffer from dry lips (even the best products can't fix them!) these have definitely helped the situation. 

This. Smells. Amazing. I love body scrubs that have a strong scent from inside the packaging, because you know that means it's long lasting. Isn't it the absolute worst when you spend 20 minutes at the store trying to find the best smelling scrub, body wash, what have you, and then you go home and realize that once you're done using it the smell is gone? I smelled this basically when I opened the box, and knew it was going to be long lasting. (Spoiler alert: I was right) I've heard amazing things about what coffee grounds can do for your skin, so when I saw that they were an ingredient in this scrub I was so excited to try it out. This is a great scrub to keep around if you want to feel luxurious after a long day and smell amazing!

If this isn't the cutest soap you've seen for the holidays, then, well, you're wrong end of story. I'm joking, but seriously this little snowflake is adorable! I believe it's made in a normal bar shape for the rest of the year, but it really put a smile on my face when I pulled this out of the box. Plus, I saw that there was real oatmeal in the soap and I was excited for another exfoliating product! (Seriously y'all dry skin is an issue and this is what gets me excited) This soap is so calming, and it's also great for getting rid of redness on your skin, which is something I also deal with occasionally. It's a great mild soap that smells delicious, and is perfect for everyday use. 

Spa Thyme has a variety of products that will suit all your pampering needs, and make you smell and feel delightful in the process. A few other things that will definitely be future purchases are her Himalayan Rose Bath Salts and the Cooling Cucumber Face Mask. Nancy is also one of the kindest women I've worked with, and works so hard to make such quality products! If you're all about supporting small businesses and feeling good, you definitely need to check out her Etsy store!

What product would you like to try most from Spa Thyme?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

What To Wear On New Years Eve

You might see the title of this post and go "Sami, it's not even Christmas yet! Why are you writing about New Years?" Well, if I waited until after Christmas you wouldn't have time to get one of these perfect New Years dresses/outfits in time, silly! I've rounded up my favorite ones for all occasions, so no matter what your plans are, you'll have a killer outfit! I don't currently have any plans for New Years this year, so it looks like I'll be watching the ball drop from my house in my PJs (don't worry, I've picked out a few cute sets if you're doing the same). 

Fancy Event

I think fancier parties and outings definitely call for sequins and longer dresses. Although there are a bunch of shorter dresses in this roundup, they still give off a classier vibe. I've never been to an event that calls for this type of dress, but a girl can dream!

A Night Out 

I'm assuming this is what the majority of you all will be doing on NYE! Whether you're going out to a club, a concert, an outdoor festival (what I did last year!) or just headed out for a late dinner and celebratory drink, these fun pieces will be perfect. I'm so tempted to get a pair of sequin leggings...they just look so fun!

Casual Event

Headed to a friend's house party this year? Why not wear a crushed velvet dress, a nice sweater dress, or something even more casual like denim (anyone else a huge fan of denim dresses?). If you're going to a casual party or get together with family or friends, comfort is definitely the way to go! But just because you're comfortable doesn't mean you have to give up your style 😉

A Night At Home

Is there anything better than spending an evening cozying up on the couch in some pretty pajamas? If you're a homebody, or just happen to have no plans like myself, watching the ball drop from the comfort of your own home is your go to choice this year! I personally enjoy having a year off from the mayhem of New Years, plus it means I can head to bed whenever I want the festivities to end!

What are your plans for New Years Eve? 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Monday! Sorry there wasn't a gift guide posted this past Saturday, I was finishing up my Fall semester assignments! I had 4 essays that I had to write and only had Thursday through Saturday to do them (alright, I could have started earlier...but I didn't) So I thought I would just post it today instead since I already had it made. This one is for all the goodies that go in your stockings! Also, this will be the last gift guide since next Saturday is Christmas eve. Wow, this month went by so fast, I honestly can't believe it. Anyway, hopefully most of y'all are on winter break already, or are taking some time for yourself before the holiday! Hope you enjoy this guide, it's been so fun making them all for you!

What are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Along Came A Box

There's nothing more exciting than opening presents, am I right? Well what if you got to open a whole day of presents? When I heard about the company Along Came A Box and owner Kristin's idea to have a bunch of presents where you open one every hour, I was immediately excited. I actually followed the instagram for Along Came A Box for a while because I always admired the bright, fun photos and the cute little gifts that came in the boxes! So when Kristin approached me to do a blog post with her I was seriously thrilled to try one of these for myself! She has a variety of boxes on her website including a birthday box, a bridesmaid box, multiple holiday and other themed boxes where you can choose to either do a half day or full day of gifts! I got the Pretty in Pink full day box, and I'm sharing all the goodies inside!

Each present is made from a small business in the U.S. and comes with a personal story card from each of the artists and business owners. I'm such a huge fan of shopping small, because they all work so hard to make their dreams come true! Plus, I like to think of myself as a small one woman business, so I like to do my part and give back to others who are hustling as well. 

So each little gift has a clock on it, indicating what time to open your present. My box (and I believe all other boxes too) started at 9am and then I got to open a present until 3pm! It was such a fun day just spent opening gifts that made me smile each time. I think this would be a great gift to give this holiday season if you're doing some last minute shopping, or if someone has a birthday coming up! It's more involved than a regular gift, and the excitement and anticipation builds with each gift throughout the day.

Here's what I got in my box!

A beautiful little ring dish in the shade coral. It's such a cute little piece, perfect for putting my rings and earrings on!

Intense Moisture Body Cream in the scent Bloom. It smells pretty flowery and pretty. I'll definitely be needing this for the winter when my skin gets dry!

Concrete hair pins in the shape of a rose. These are so cute! I don't normally wear hair pins, because my hair never likes to stay put in them, but I'll definitely be trying again with these!

This is definitely my favorite item of the box! It's a cute little champagne glass that says 'Cheers' on it in gold, and I can't wait to use it. I don't really have a purpose for it right now, but I'm sure I'll find one!!

If anyone knows me well, they know I love a good face mask! This is a detoxifying one that uses pink clay. I've heard great things about clay masks, so I'm excited to try this one out.

Okay, strange fact about me, but I love wishbones. You would absolutely never know, because I have no wishbones anywhere and I never talk about them, but I am kind of obsessed with them. I think the fact that they represent basically your hopes, wishes, and dreams is so beautiful (and totally cliche, but I'm okay with it, haha!) So I will happily be parading around in this necklace!

Another favorite present from this box is this mimosa body scrub! It smells SO GOOD! I love body scrubs, and am actually doing a whole blog post with more of Spa Thyme's items in a few weeks (such great homemade products!) 

You can never go wrong with a candle! This one is a mix of nature and cleanliness, so perfect! It's in the scent beautiful people and I think it's very representative of what it smells like, haha!

What's your favorite item from the box?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Easy Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Order A Holiday Drink

Whether you're an avid Starbucks lover like myself, or are more into the local cafe scene, there's a high chance your favorite coffee place has an assortment of holiday beverages. I have a Starbucks on campus that I go to (far too often than I want to admit), and I probably go even more during the holiday season because everything is much more festive when I have a Caramel Brulee Latte or Peppermint Mocha in my hand. It's a super easy way to start slowly getting into the holiday season!

Host A Holiday Themed Party

My roommates and I threw a small white elephant party this year and it was so fun! Friends bring goofy gifts that you can swap and steal, and it always ends up being a blast. I've also been to ugly sweater parties, cookie swap parties, etc that have been super fun. Whatever themed party you host or attend, even if it's literally just a "holiday party," will get you out of the fall mood and ready for all the festivities! Gathering with all your friends and family is a sure way to keep spirits bright and have a good time. 

Give Yourself A Holiday Manicure

Obviously I didn't do this manicure by myself, haha! I went to a nail salon and asked if they could do a reindeer, and it turned out so well. My roommate also got a super cute holiday manicure and got a traditional ugly sweater pattern manicure. It might just be me, but every time I look down at my manicure I get a little smile on my face and think about how excited I am for the holidays! If you can't afford to go get a manicure, you can definitely do your own simple nail design too! And just in case you're stuck for ideas, I've been pinning a bunch recently on this Pinterest board!  

Decorate Your Place

My roommates love to go all out in our house for the holidays. When it's Halloween our place is covered with spider webs, skeletons, and creepy spiders, but Christmas hits and it's a whole other level. We have a full sized fake Christmas tree with lights built in, my roommate made a big ornament wreath that's hanging outside our house along with a few lines of Christmas lights, and we even decided to wrap a few empty boxes this year to make our tree look a little more full. So we might be a little crazier than most, but it's great because it's a fun thing to do while procrastinating for finals, and also a great reminder that we'll be back at home with our families soon!

Visit A Christmas Tree Farm
If you can't get a real Christmas tree, or you just want to be surrounded by the stereotypical smell of the holidays, the best thing to do is go to a Christmas Tree farm. If you're in the US, there's probably one every few miles, at least that's what it feels like driving around here in SoCal! Like I said in the last tip, we have a fake tree, but I absolutely love the smell and look of real ones. Visiting one of these places would be a great little day trip or study break to get your mind off school!

Do Some Holiday Baking

These are actually cookies that my sister made a few days ago! I love holiday baking, especially when it involves decorating cookies. I've been meaning to dive into some fun Pinterest recipes, but finals and life haven't really made much time for baking lately. But if you're a person who loves cooking or baking regularly, making some snowmen or reindeer cookies would be a great activity for you! I think it would also be super fun to gather a few friends and decorate some cookies together, even if you do it with pre-made holiday ones from the grocery store.

Send Out Holiday Cards

Some people take photos for their Christmas cards, others just buy some simple holiday stationary and send them out to friends and family. Last year my roommates and I took a photo with three of us dressed like elves and one of us as Santa, but this year I don't think we're planning anything. I think that sending and receiving holiday cards is fun for everyone involved. It's also a good way to let the people in your life that you're close to know that you're thinking about them.

What's your favorite way to get into the holiday spirit?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gift Guide: Pretty In Pink

So I'm not sure if any of you are aware, but pink is one of my favorite colors (along with gold, lol). When I was younger I would I guess say this a lot, because my grandma would always reply that "Pink is for stink." But like in a cute fun loving grandma way, haha. I wanted to name this post Gift Guide: Pink Is For Stink, but I figured most people wouldn't understand and would just end up confused. So I just titled this gift guide Pretty In Pink, because all of these items are gorgeous and in that perfect shade that I love so much. If pink isn't your color, this guide might not be for you! So be sure to check in next weekend for the next guide that might be more up your alley.

And now because there are so many great pink things out there, I thought I would round up a few more goodies for you all below!





What are your favorite items?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How To Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Skin With BioClarity

As I've said in other skincare posts before on the blog, I was lucky enough to get blessed with fairly clear skin. I never suffered from terrible acne, but I had a lot of friends who did over the years. I watched them deal with their skin problems in many different ways. Some went on prescription medication, some used facial cleansing tools to help clear away acne and its scars, and others luckily had their faces clear up within a few months. 

Although I don't suffer from any sort of major blemish problems, it doesn't mean that I don't get some really bad breakouts every once in a while. As it so happens, I'm in one of those times right now because in times of stress, my skin likes to freak out as well. I was ecstatic when BioClarity reached out to me about their Natural Clear Skin Solution System (that's 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free!) I thought "Yes! That's exactly what I need!" My skin actually does best when I treat it with a variety of different products instead of using the same face wash or cleansing system over and over again, so I was excited to add a new system into my routine. 

I don't know about you, but I feel so much more confident when my skin is clearer. It gives me one less thing to worry about in my day-to-day life, and it also reminds me that I shouldn't be focusing on my looks as much as I do. Yes, I feel much better when I have clear skin, but I have to remind myself that the occasional zit does not define who I am, and other people definitely aren't paying attention to those irritating little bumps as much as I am. 

BioClarity's mission is to help people gain natural confidence, and I think they achieve that. They make me want to put off wearing makeup for a day or two and just embrace the skin that I'm in, because my skin just feels that good. I've been using this system once a day for the past three weeks (it says use twice a day, but that's a bit too harsh for my skin!) and I've definitely noticed an improvement in my stress breakouts. Even after the first use I could feel my blemishes drying up and the treatment working on them!

I honestly think that the secret is the all natural products. I'm not exactly a fan of products that use harsh chemicals, so finding naturally made skincare products are always a plus! Okay, now this is where I geek out a little. I don't know if other people's elementary/middle schools did this sort of thing, but when learning about how plants work we were shown leaves or roots of some sort, and some form of liquid was extracted from them. Now I don't actually know if I'm even remembering that right, but in my mind I always associated that liquid that I saw with chlorophyll. (If I'm wrong, let me remind you that I am a social sciences major, not a scientist! Haha) BioClarity uses an ingredient called Floralux which uses the power of chlorophyll to soothe skin, alleviate redness, reduce pore size, and kill the bacteria that causes acne. And let me tell you (as if I haven't already...) that it works. 

I know I may always be talking about a bunch of products here on the blog, but let me remind you all that I will only back products, especially ones for your skin and overall health, that I love and trust 100%.  This stuff really works, and I want you all to know that! Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled post...

BioClarity's Clear Skin System is a 3 part solution where each step is important in fighting off those pesky little blemishes. Step 1 is the Cleanse which is extremely gentle, and helps to get the dirt and grime off of your face and prep it for the acne gel. Step 2 is the Treatment, which I have just been using as a spot treatment, as it states that the gel is pretty powerful. I felt a little tingle the second I applied the gel onto the affected areas, which for me always means something is working. After letting the gel dry completely, move on to Step 3. This was the step where I got intrigued, because the Floralux is put to work here. I was a little apprehensive when I pumped this gel out because it's a dark green color, but was surprisingly astounded with how good it made my skin feel! This step is about restoring your skin into a calm, fresh and cool state, and that's exactly what it does. The green gel massages in clear onto your skin, and it helps restore any moisture the cleanse or treatment might have removed! It left my skin feeling super soft! I think this was my favorite thing about the system, because a lot of other cleansers and treatments tend to strip my skin of moisture, something that my dry skin really doesn't enjoy!

Like I said earlier in this post, BioClarity's main goal with their products is to help people gain a natural confidence in themselves, something that goes far beyond your skin. I haven't always been the most confident person, and heck, I'm still not! But over the years I've found that stressing over things that I can't change aren't worth the stress at all. For example, one thing that I always used to hate about myself were all my freckles. I used to look at my friends, models in magazines, celebrities, and never see anyone with a face full of freckles like mine. 

There were times when I would literally dig through photos of me in my childhood when I didn't have them, and just wish I could go back and start my skin all over. But obviously, that wasn't an option. As I grew up I realized that focusing on these and spending so much time hating these little spots on my face was doing me no good. It wasn't making me feel better about myself, and no matter how hard I wished, there was nothing I could do to get with of them. So I decided to accept them and move on!

I feel like this has definitely become the norm in the media most days, or it's at least the way we're heading. Body positivity is something that I've always been a fan of, so as more and more companies go this route, I know that gaining confidence in the future will hopefully be an easier thing to do. Obviously just having ads showing a more positive body-image aren't going to fix everyone's issues, but it's definitely a start. I also understand that people can't decide to get over their body issues with a snap of their fingers, but I'm hoping that as the future generations grow up in a more body positive world, there will be less problems to begin with.

So here's a friendly reminder that no matter who you are or what you look like, you should be accept yourself as you are, because there's no one else in the world like you! And if you've been struggling with some acne trouble like myself recently, BioClarity might be able to help you out with gaining some confidence about your natural skin. You can use my code SAMI for 50% off your first month's subscription! 

What are your tips for feeling more confident?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Gift Guide: For The Girl Boss

Boss Lady Mug | Clutch Organizer | 2017 Hot Pink Planner | Portable Charger | #Girlboss Book | Gold Animal Coasters | Diptyque Candle Set | Glitter Business Card Holder | Swell Water Bottle | Faux Fur Sleep Mask | Mini 'Emergency' Coffee Kit | YSL Black Opium Perfume Travel Spray |

Happy Saturday! We all have that one friend that is always kicking butt and taking names at whatever they're doing, whether it be at school, blogging, at their internship or job, or just life itself! The items I've collected for this gift guide are for the girls that working hard to achieve what they want, and they always do it in style. But don't forget, every Girl Boss needs some love too, so be sure to treat your hardworking friend (or yourself!) to some of these gifts. My personal favorites are the Black Opium Travel Spray (my favorite scent!) and the gorgeous gold animal coasters! What are your favorites?

Don't forget to check back next Saturday for a new gift guide!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How To Wear A Slouchy: Two Ways

Happy December! This year really seems to be flying by, or is that just me? I still feel like 2016 only started a few weeks ago! It's slightly terrifying that time is passing by so quickly this year since I'll be in the "real world" in a few short months, but even so I'm happy we're finally in December. It's my favorite month of the year because everyone is always extra festive. I love driving around seeing the glow of Christmas lights, baking cute holiday themed cookies, and the overwhelming presence of family during this time. I could go on and on about how much I love December, but let's get on with the post! Also, apologies in advance for how picture heavy this post is!

  There's honestly nothing better than when comfort and fashion find a way to blend together perfectly. Whether it be in your favorite t-shirt dress, a great pair of trendy leggings, or these cute over-sized long sleeved Slouchy Dolman Tunics (only $24!). If you've seen me lately, you probably think I don't have anything else in my closet besides these two tops since I wear them so often! I wore them all throughout Thanksgiving break with my family, and they're definitely up there as being one of the most comfortable things I own. (Including worn-in pajamas, and that's saying something!)

So today I thought I would share my two favorite ways to wear the slouchies from The Mint Julep Boutique, to show you just how versatile these pieces can be. I decided to do a more casual look with the Rust slouchy and a dressier look with the Serenity (baby blue) slouchy. Although, I planned to wear a necklace with the latter, I unfortunately forgot most of my jewelry when I went home for break! 

Look 1: Casual Rust

This look has actually been on repeat these last few weeks! It's been getting chilly here in SoCal, obviously not as chilly as Lake Tahoe where these photos were taken since there's no snow here, but still! It's easy to throw on for class, and can easily transition into something your can wear out for a casual dinner or a walk around town while you run errands! I love the color of this rust slouchy, because this color is the epitome of fall for me. It's almost a pumpkin-ish color, but it doesn't scream bold like a bright orange would. It's more of a muted tone, which makes it easier to treat it as a neutral. 

Look 2: Dressy Serenity

The second I saw this baby blue Serenity slouchy I knew I had to pick it up. I don't own anything in this color, but I absolutely love it. It adds a nice touch of brightness, but again without being too in your face about it. I thought pairing it with white jeans and some sparkly gold flats would make it a little more of a dressed up look without it being too flashy. The color is even more gorgeous in person, and I think if I'm not careful my whole closet is eventually going to turn baby blue because it's just so pretty and flattering. This is the perfect outfit for heading to a nicer restaurant, giving a more formal presentation (provided you don't require business casual), or strolling through the mall with friends.

Which look is your favorite? How would you style your slouchy?

The Mint Julep Boutique provided product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own, thank you for supporting the brands that make The Classic Brunette possible!
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