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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What To Wear To The Snow

If you've been following along with any and all of my social media recently, you'll know that I was in Lake Tahoe last week where it snowed like crazy! (Insert a thousand snowflake emojis here) It hasn't snowed this much while I was here in a few years, so I didn't pack as much "snow gear" as I should have. So, I decided to make a post about the things you'll definitely be needing if you're going to have a white christmas!

A Warm Jacket

I just bought this jacket from Patagonia, and tested it out in the snow while I was in Tahoe. I stepped outside in the 19 degree weather and literally felt nothing. It was so warm and toasty, and if it got colder outside I could just slip my bigger jacket over it!

I have gloves from Target that were just a little too thin for the snow, so I think these ones above would be perfect! No, they aren't the prettiest gloves I could find, but they got some great reviews and look extremely thick and warm!

Although I don't own a pair of Bean Boots, I again have heard amazing things about them. They are waterproof (perfect for snow!) and have grips on the bottom that help prevent you from slipping on ice. Also, be sure to wear some thick socks, your feet get surprisingly cold!

Not too much, but these are the things I was thinking about when I was shivering up in Tahoe!

In other news, do you guys have any fun vacations or holiday plans coming up?


  1. Here in Washington, the dominating brand is North Face and Columbia. But Patagonia is starting to make an appearance in college kids' wardrobe. I'll have to check the brand out!

    1. I only have the one jacket from Patagonia, but I love it, it's definitely one to check out! Most people here are also into North Face (the classic black jackets are so common it's insane!), not too much Columbia here though!


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