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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Cutest Thanksgiving Outfits (On Sale!)

Thanksgiving has slowly become one of my favorite holidays. It means more to me now that I'm in college, because it's a whole week I get to spend with my family! I don't see them too often while at school since I'm down in Southern California and they're in Northern California, but I always get excited for November because it means I get to see them again! My family always goes to Lake Tahoe for Thanksgiving ever since I can remember, so we never really have a traditional Thanksgiving. We go out to a restaurant and just spend time together! 

It's always cold in Lake Tahoe during November (as it is everywhere else but SoCal!) so I'm always trying to find new sweaters and jackets to bring with me to prepare for the snow! I put together a few outfit ideas for you guys because I'll probably be wearing something similar to the above when I celebrate the holiday! 

Hope everyone's enjoying the colder weather like I am! It just hit the high 60s here, but I'm hoping for a little cooler!


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