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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Luminess Air Foundation

I've mentioned on here before that my makeup routine is pretty limited. I put on my eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and I'm good to go. However, there are times when I want to look extra dolled up, so I need to wear some face makeup as well. My sorority recruitment is coming up, and I definitely want to look my best when meeting all the new girls, so I decided that I needed a good foundation. 

I've tried BB Creams in the past and they never seemed to add much coverage, so I began looking at different types of foundation and found out that the best way to get an airbrush look is, well, airbrush! I had heard of Luminess Air before, and was definitely interested in their makeup systems, and had heard great things about them. I was given the opportunity to try Luminess Air's basic airbrush makeup kit and am absolutely obsessed with it. 

This is the machine and stylus. It's surprisingly small! For some reason I thought that an airbrush machine would be obscenely large, but it was around the size of my fist, maybe a tad bigger. Also it's extremely easy to use, literally you press the on button, put in your makeup, pull back the stylus as you spray your face, and bam! 

It comes with two foundation shades that are within the range that you choose. Since I have pretty pale skin, I obviously chose the fair option. There's a huge variety of shades, so all skin types and colors can find their perfect color match! Luminess Air encourages you to mix the shades you receive to find the exact color for you. To set up your color, you add in 6-8 drops of the foundation into the stylus and then airbrush it on. I ended up using 5 drops of Shade 2 and 2 drops of Shade 3. The starter kit also comes with a moisturizer that you apply before the foundation, as well as blush and bronzer to complete your look. 

When it comes to makeup I'm always afraid that it's going to irritate my face, but I tend to find that water based products are the best for skin! The Luminess Air products are oil and fragrance free as well, and that's just an added bonus! My roommates, who I consider to be foundation pros, all agree that oil based makeup seems to end with clogged pores and even more skin problems. Another thing my friends (and the internet beauty gurus) have told me is that the less you touch your face, the less oily skin you will have. Since the stylus sprays the foundation onto your skin, you don't get any excess oil or germs like you would from applying foundation with your hands or a sponge. I'm all about making my face as clear and healthy as can be, so this is something I really love about this foundation! 


I'm going to get pretty real right now. I know that I was somehow blessed with skin that is relatively clear and smooth, but I have SO. MANY. FRECKLES. Which, to some is great and amazing, but they aren't always my favorite on me. If I had the chance I would get rid of most of them. I also have a permanent natural blush on my cheeks, which can be good and bad at times. So these are the things I look at when judging a foundation.


Can my skin always look like this? My skin tone is way more even, my lighter freckles are covered and blend in, and my redness is basically gone.

I never thought I would be the type that could apply foundation everyday (I have watched my friends do it for years, and it always seems to take forever), but I seriously did my whole face in less than 5 minutes. I honestly felt like I wasn't wearing any makeup, and that's saying something because I normally don't wear anything! I sprayed it on in the morning, went to class, came home at night and the makeup was still flawless!

Be sure to check out Luminess Air's website or any of their social media channels (@LuminessAir) for more information about their airbrush foundation, as well as their other makeup and makeup accessories!


  1. I was eager to read your review because Luminess Air approached me too, but I've been traveling on business and wasn't sure I could get it reviewed in time. I was also concerned about spraying myself in the face (I hate spraying my face for some weird reason). Did you find it easy to use and apply? You said it took less than 5 minutes so it must not have been hard?! Great job and great look!

    1. Oh yeah it was surprisingly easy! In the instruction video the girl has her eyes and mouth open, but I just closed them when I got the airbrush near them haha. I was afraid I was going somehow hurt myself with it, but no it was really ridiculously easy, especially considering that I barely ever use face makeup. When you use it it starts the air without any makeup going through (until you pull the trigger) so I tried to see what that felt like on my face first, then tried the trigger. I had actually started using it thinking that the makeup was going on when I was really just moving the air on my face. When the makeup is actually going on your face it feels a little bit colder than the air, so make sure you feel that!

  2. Love your before/after looks!! I would love to try this someday! Good Luck with Recruitment!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  3. Wow to the result!!! Plus you skin. You're so gorgeous with or without makeup.

  4. I've been wanting to try airbrushing for some time now, I love how natural it looks, flawless!

  5. Yes, I've been there. I myself have a lot of freckles as well and there was a time I wanted to get rid of them so badly, I tried everything - from thick makeup to different bleaching products. But then I thought - "wait. people love your freckles. your freckles are cool and they suit you. why all the fuss?" So I don't use any skin makeup at all for about 5 years already :)

  6. To tell the truth, you look both beautiful with or without foundation! I also never thought I am the type of person that could apply foundation everyday. And I'm not ;) I still wear makeup only for some very special occasions. I always try keep in mind that though it can make you look good in pictures and even more presentable, but it does more harm than good.


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