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Friday, August 7, 2015

Chapstick Addict

This may seem like a bit of a random post, but it's relevant, I swear! I hear more and more people everyday complaining about how chapped their lips are, and as a chapstick addict myself, I've tested a fair amount of the stuff over the years. Some are definitely better than others, and each brand has their own pros and cons. Here are my recommendations!

The Classic 

Chapstick was the brand that started it all, for me at least. It's what I reach to when I want something familiar and reliable. It does it's job and comes in a variety of flavors, but overall it has nothing all that special about it.

The Tried and True
I've said it before in previous posts and I'll say it again, this Bath and Body Works lip balm is the best one on the market. The flavor is as sweet as lemon meringue pie and it lasts forever. Even after the initial waxy feeling goes away the softness stays forever. I always stock up on this when it goes on sale for buy 2 get 1 free! 

The Medicated
My dad is a huge fan of Blistex, and so am I! In the winter when I travel up to Lake Tahoe and the cold wind gets the best of me, this is what I use. It's more liquid-y than other chapsticks and lip balms and leaves your lips feeling minty fresh! It helps fix chapped skin, peeling lips, and everything in between.

The Trendy
Isn't this one hilarious? I got it in my stocking last Christmas and fell in love with it! It's made with beeswax and has become a nightly ritual for me to put it on right before bed. There's a subtle blackberry flavor, but it's winning quality is longevity. I wake up with my lips feeling so smooth and rejuvenated! 

Do you have any favorite lip balms that you would recommend? 


  1. Recently, I really like the esos lip balm. I agree the last one was totally hilarious :P

  2. Love Eos, Chapstick, and several brands for my dry lips!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  3. I have about a million lip balms, and they are all good! I'm trying to use more organic ones lately since I end up eating them. But my favorites are Jack Black and City Lips Lip Plumper that contains collagen and hyaluronic acid coz it really heals as well as plumps my lips: pricey but worth it


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